1. I'm noticing dents from the # don't arrive since 1h or so!! I noticed there some load and # ack'd it was down (receive dents from other SN instances though)

    Sunday, 11-Aug-13 01:07:48 UTC from
    1. @erkanyilmaz Namasté Erkan! Connection # <-> # seems indeed to be broken since last night. I dented to @hannes2peer, @4dmin & @3mp0 from inside Quitter to inform them

      Sunday, 11-Aug-13 08:17:31 UTC from web
      1. @erkanyilmaz ok, so my dent from RDN has reached you. Seems it took some time but it worked. RDN #

        Sunday, 11-Aug-13 08:55:13 UTC from web
      2. sent also email to quitter admin

        Sunday, 11-Aug-13 09:28:28 UTC from
    2. unfortunately this is an example why people should not flock on few servers :-( new users should join other SN instances! And who can + wants: set up your own, please!!

      Sunday, 11-Aug-13 11:49:09 UTC from