1. This is good to hear. So, at least some people have attempted restoring and succeeded. I should keep trying. Technically it should be possible to restore everything, including subscriptions, if you are restoring on the same domain. # cc

    Sunday, 11-Aug-13 11:16:18 UTC from
    1. @lohang restoring my subscriptions (who I follow) worked regardless of changing to an instance w/different domain. The new account will simply subscribe again to the old subscribed accts.

      Sunday, 11-Aug-13 12:34:40 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      1. @mcscx wow, really? that's the most encouraging thing I heard about # backups!

        Sunday, 11-Aug-13 12:44:27 UTC from
        1. @lohang That's how it's supposed to work :) So you will have your subscriptions again on your new instance additionally to them still being subscribed on the old instance. But: there are many reports that export from identica wasn't possible from the web ui if you had more than 6000 or 60000 (?) thousand dents

          Sunday, 11-Aug-13 14:06:24 UTC from web