1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @awlderpy Lol he. Personal oc

      Friday, 16-Aug-13 05:37:06 UTC from web
    2. @awlderpy Muzzle shape bro. It's a he. XD

      Friday, 16-Aug-13 05:37:29 UTC from web
    3. @awlderpy

      Friday, 16-Aug-13 05:38:37 UTC from web
    4. @awlderpy X3

      Friday, 16-Aug-13 05:38:50 UTC from web
    5. @awlderpy Oddly enough, he is rather close to being rbd's opposite body wise. I could make a list XD. For a better look at the cutie mark

      Friday, 16-Aug-13 05:38:52 UTC from web
      1. @lightningcrash Holy crap that's tiny. XD

        Friday, 16-Aug-13 05:39:26 UTC from web
        1. @flamingpandaomg Mmph. One min. Lemme delete that and find the bigger version.

          Friday, 16-Aug-13 05:39:48 UTC from web
    6. @awlderpy NO CHANCE

      Friday, 16-Aug-13 05:39:41 UTC from web
    7. @awlderpy *gives you a Montana Class Battleship*

      Friday, 16-Aug-13 05:44:14 UTC from web