1. @mushi @tekkdan nothing really, just in bed with pokemanz

    Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:38:58 UTC from web
    1. @cloudchaser oooh, in bed with pokemans ~

      Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:39:40 UTC from web
      1. @mushi mrawr indeed haha watcha up to mushmush?

        Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:40:57 UTC from web
        1. @cloudchaser reading that games of thrones thing, just taking a short break

          Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:42:29 UTC from web
          1. @mushi oh cool, i heard good things bout those books

            Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:43:26 UTC from web
    2. @cloudchaser Training your pokemen in bed? Sounds different and unusual, but interesting as well. :P

      Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:42:35 UTC from web
      1. @tekkdan the way you say it it makes it sound like im teaching them all string shot and harden

        Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:43:12 UTC from web
        1. @cloudchaser There's nothing wrong with that, they're just regular Pokemon moves right?

          Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:45:35 UTC from web
          1. @tekkdan haha yeah sure *wink wink*

            Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:48:32 UTC from web
            1. @cloudchaser Are you suggesting at something? *notices your winks then shrugs* Well ill let you get back to training your Pokemon, I'm sure they're really enjoying it.

              Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:54:52 UTC from web
              1. @tekkdan i was just joking >~<

                Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:55:24 UTC from web
                1. @cloudchaser I know I was kidding with ya too.

                  Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:58:35 UTC from web
                  1. @tekkdan i know :P

                    Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:59:17 UTC from web
                    1. @cloudchaser Heh I see what you did there.

                      Saturday, 17-Aug-13 00:00:13 UTC from web
    3. @awlderpy @cloudchaser i'm in the first book, it is good, what is not good is my reading skill

      Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:44:41 UTC from web
      1. @mushi ive always been a slow reader

        Friday, 16-Aug-13 23:48:22 UTC from web