1. ...Marines are pretty lame if one of them can't beat three bullies.

    Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:29:52 UTC from web
    1. @nerthos The "bullies" were 20 year olds, not children. Also that guy's 43.

      Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:31:59 UTC from web
      1. @flamingpandaomg Still, considering he has military training...

        Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:32:38 UTC from web
        1. @nerthos He has an age disadvantage. He probably isn't in excellent condition anymore. If he's attacked by all 3 at the same time, which I'm sure he was, if he didn't have a weapon it doesn't matter what training you had, you're still going to have problems.

          Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:34:26 UTC from web
          1. @flamingpandaomg whoah

            Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:35:14 UTC from web
          2. @flamingpandaomg I guess it comes down to always carrying a weapon

            Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:37:05 UTC from web
            1. @nerthos Something to defend yourself with is ALWAYS going to help your odds, especially if you've been trained to use it well. Only time I couldn't see it being a good thing is if you don't know how to use it whatsoever because you end up harming yourself more than the opposition.

              Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:38:37 UTC from web
    2. @nerthos My uncle was a marine.

      Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:32:06 UTC from web
      1. @colfax I'm a pilot

        Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:32:27 UTC from web
      2. @colfax Was he cool?

        Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:32:43 UTC from web
        1. @nerthos he was cool as ice

          Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:33:31 UTC from web
        2. @nerthos He was a DI and, yeah, he was pretty damn cool.

          Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:34:24 UTC from web
          1. @colfax DI?

            Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:35:48 UTC from web
        3. @nerthos cooler than cool. He was the king of cool he had so much cooler he was 20 percent cooler

          Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:34:46 UTC from web
      3. @colfax just kiding but I will be.... I'm doing AIR FORCE CADETS

        Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:32:55 UTC from web
    3. @awlapplejack how its fun

      Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:33:18 UTC from web
    4. @awlapplejack I learned from the best. XD

      Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:40:00 UTC from web
    5. @awlapplejack nope.

      Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:40:40 UTC from web
    6. @awlapplejack Partly.

      Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:41:17 UTC from web
    7. @awlapplejack I'm not counting the stupid karate kiwi I did for 7 years as a kid because that was basically the same thing I was doing from day 1. Tae Kwon Do I did for 3 years though.

      Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:43:20 UTC from web
    8. @awlapplejack Again, partly.

      Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:44:32 UTC from web
    9. @awlapplejack You're straying too far. :p

      Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:45:41 UTC from web
    10. @awlapplejack It's you god damnit. XD

      Monday, 09-Sep-13 00:46:39 UTC from web