1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @greydragon412 I hear ya....

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:32:35 UTC from web
    2. @greydragon412 suuuure....... :)

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:33:58 UTC from web
    3. @greydragon412 yep..... just one of those lazy days

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:37:11 UTC from web
    4. @greydragon412 I see. It's only 2:37 here

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:38:50 UTC from web
    5. @fluttershyg4 Aw, thanks! -snuggles back-

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:41:07 UTC from web
      1. @rexybr17 you should join the snugglers

        Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:43:43 UTC from web
        1. @fluttershyg4 the snugglers? sounds nice :)

          Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:44:13 UTC from web
          1. @rexybr17 anyways so you wanna go on skype

            Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:44:54 UTC from web
            1. @theawesomepony sure, why not

              Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:45:24 UTC from web
              1. @rexybr17 okay i think i still have you on there i dont remember your name on there though

                Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:46:10 UTC from web
                1. @theawesomepony Berry Meow

                  Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:46:26 UTC from web
          2. @rexybr17 !snuggle

            Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:44:57 UTC from web
            1. @fluttershyg4 snuggle :)

              Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:45:37 UTC from web
              1. @rexybr17 fun fact: the muffin !ninja group is my most popular group

                Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:48:08 UTC from web
                1. @fluttershyg4 interesting....

                  Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:48:34 UTC from web
                  1. @rexybr17 ya dont know y

                    Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:49:11 UTC from web
                    1. @fluttershyg4 people like ninjas

                      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:49:32 UTC from web
                      1. @rexybr17 and muffins both of them together=14 members

                        Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:50:20 UTC from web
                        1. @fluttershyg4 hm.... alrighty

                          Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:50:44 UTC from web
                          1. @rexybr17 i think i also made a pretty good back story

                            Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:51:46 UTC from web
                            1. @fluttershyg4 sweet

                              Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:52:07 UTC from web
                              1. @rexybr17 you should read it

                                Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:53:03 UTC from web
                                1. @fluttershyg4 alright, definitely!!!

                                  Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:53:51 UTC from web
                        2. @fluttershyg4 thank you. you just gave me a really good idea with the word muffin. you really did just help me out a bunch

                          Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:51:43 UTC from web
    6. @greydragon412 I see......

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 21:41:20 UTC from web