1. # !technoponies New song I doodled up!:

    Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 23:38:23 UTC from web
    1. @macintosh Sounds good, very soothing :D - Lyrics are good too. !technoponies

      Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 23:41:39 UTC from web
      1. @haganbmj # Thank ya kindly! It's my first song with vocals! Twas exciting to record :D !technoponies

        Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 23:43:14 UTC from web
        1. @macintosh Yeah - very nice! Keep up the work, and keep sharing :D

          Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 23:44:51 UTC from web
          1. @haganbmj # Hmmm... Sharing, eh? Well *cough* !technoponies

            Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 23:47:23 UTC from web
            1. @macintosh xD - Thanks mac. Taking a listen now, and I'll bookmark for future reference :D !technoponies

              Thursday, 14-Apr-11 00:11:39 UTC from web
            2. @macintosh Just finished listening to your EP you linked. Nice stuff - especially that second song (Ta an Cat ainm). Thanks for the share!

              Thursday, 14-Apr-11 00:28:21 UTC from web