1. !tulsabronies So how was the meetup? I need details bronies! How else am I supposed to live vicariously through you?

    Monday, 15-Aug-11 02:24:03 UTC from web
    1. @winsterton So I am 100% in Norman now -- want to meet up?

      Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 07:23:08 UTC from web
      1. @penguindf12 Yeah totally! We're working on sections from Texas right now. That is to say, my sister is in Texas. I work from home. But this means the car will be in Texas till Saturday. So if you want to meetup sometime this week it will have to be somewhere within walking distance for me.

        Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 08:51:32 UTC from web
        1. @winsterton Sure -- in what area do you live? I'm thinking a restaurant would work best.

          Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 09:07:01 UTC from web
          1. @penguindf12 Well according to the google maps on our pages, I live right next to you. I'm at a trailer park on the corner of East Main St. and South Porter Ave.

            Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 16:18:25 UTC from web
            1. @winsterton Oh and feel free to give me a call on skype sometime. My name is the same.

              Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 17:20:48 UTC from web
              1. @winsterton Hm, I looked up "Norman, OK" on Google Maps, and it puts EVERYBODY at the intersection of E. Main & S. Porter. I'm actually at Burnt Oak Dr., south of E. Lindsey.

                Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 20:52:13 UTC from web
                1. @penguindf12 Well that explains a large part of my confusion. Seeing as I live off of Classen Blvd (not far from that big golf course). Oh google, you so silly. Anyway, I think I know the area you're talking about. I'm not far from you at all.

                  Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 21:29:19 UTC from web
                  1. @winsterton You ought to e-mail me your phone number so hanging out can be arranged ASAP

                    Thursday, 18-Aug-11 04:50:06 UTC from web