1. You know what? I so wish that @mlpapplejack was around right now. Because if she was . . . I'd step over her way . . . watch the way the wind blows her long blonde hair . . . see the way that her cowgirl hat still sits there just right, giving her that strong, rugged pony-of-the-earth look . . . take a good look into those soulful, honest eyes . . . lean in close . . . put my hoof over hers . . . and whisper sweetly . . . "One basket of Cortlands, please. I am SO craving an apple pie," as I drop my money into her hoof, and head off with a nice basket of yummy baking apples! :) (Hey, SOMEONE had to actually talk about ponies here. Crazy, I know! :p ;) And apologies to @mlpapplejack for being the !applejack I decided to single out. :) And, for the record, I AM craving some apple pie a la mode right now. Think I'll head home, make dinner, and get a pie started on baking.)

    Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 01:31:18 UTC from web
    1. @astra That's a fantastic story

      Friday, 30-Mar-12 16:17:58 UTC from web