1. They're making a porn parody of WHAT!?! (SFW preview)

    Thursday, 25-Aug-11 05:44:37 UTC from web
    1. @roygbiv wat da murdock iz dis papayas?

      Thursday, 25-Aug-11 05:47:14 UTC from web
      1. @babadingldoo Nightmare fuel. It looks so very, very bad. And its a bad trend. If they've made Family Guy & American Dad porn parodies, how soon before we see our beloved ponies mangled with bad porn star acting? (My spamfic doesn't count!)

        Thursday, 25-Aug-11 05:48:47 UTC from web
    2. @mrn4rmn4rm more like never enough

      Thursday, 25-Aug-11 05:50:17 UTC from web