Christopher (grimone1)

  1. I heard cross-platform play is finally going to be available for certain games!! I hope they don't drop this, it will be a good way to defect this feud between consoles.

    Wednesday, 16-Mar-16 07:54:07 UTC from web
  2. I'm new here...literally just made my profile and I was hoping to make some friends that actually liked me. My psn is Grim_One1 for both ps3 and 4. Don't have many ps4 games but my stash for the 3 is insane

    Sunday, 13-Mar-16 02:28:35 UTC from web in context
  3. Can't believe I'm just now finding this site. This is a gold mine

    Sunday, 13-Mar-16 02:25:55 UTC from web in context