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Playstation Network Bronies

Playstation Network Bronies

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Everypony who has a PS3 and is registered to PSN is welcome, so all the PS3 bronies can be connected.

Playstation Network Bronies (psnbronies) group


  1. Oh i forgot guys i got a mic as well

    Tuesday, 18-Apr-17 02:52:54 UTC from web
    • Hey guys im a brony that plays psn its called gtacod1155, if i dont accept ur friend request im on my 2nd acc Tridashie. I know its a utuber i know lol i love her stuff ^-^

      Tuesday, 18-Apr-17 02:25:45 UTC from web
      • hey guys wanna play on ps3 and chat on mic about mlp add me gende345

        Tuesday, 11-Apr-17 18:12:26 UTC from web
      • I play cod black ops 1-2 and mw3. I also play uncharted 1-3 all on the ps3. My username is Luxray33 or Luxray3 but I cannot rember the number because i am in bed and tired.

        Saturday, 14-Nov-15 05:10:00 UTC from web
        • Alright Guys, Another mini-update, I have my account back, but am limited to on disc games for 6 months :'( However, I am up to play, So Yay, add me on PSN (PS3 only): MarshallShin_ing BUT If i find out you hack me, just as the brony known as "rein_bow_dash" did, I will eat your soul, for lunch! Alongside My Tea and Crumpets! ^^

          Saturday, 04-Apr-15 14:34:20 UTC from web
          • In continuation to my last comment, I also have a side account called: Rarity_Brony1

            Monday, 23-Mar-15 03:11:45 UTC from web
          • My psn is: masond2000 the games that I have are mostly COD MC and a few others. If anyone wants someone to play with, then i'm your guy, Thanks :3

            Sunday, 22-Mar-15 05:36:17 UTC from web
          • I own a Ps3 and Ps4 now- On Monday I'll have Black Ops 2, Ghosts, Dead Island, Borderlands 2 on the ps3 I also own Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare on ps3- I just got a Ps4 but did Pre Order Evolve!- Above all I'm looking for Bronie Friends I can hang out with and have fun! PSN ID: Lts_Rainbow_Dash. Add me if you want to be friends or planning to get evolve as well.

            Sunday, 08-Feb-15 08:33:48 UTC from web
          • Name: Marshall Shining
            PSN: MarshallShin_ing
            Games: CoD and MC, and a few others...
            Bio: Gamer Brony
            Notes: Lets Play

            Tuesday, 27-Jan-15 16:37:35 UTC from web
          • Hi my playstation 3, network account is CutieRainbowdash. im looking for other bronies to play minecraft, call of duty, dead island, borderlands 1,2 and pre-sequal! im liam by the way, just so you know.

            Wednesday, 21-Jan-15 05:01:12 UTC from web
          • hello i play both PS3 and PS4 so feel free to add me. and if you play Farcry 4 or Destiny me and you are going to be good friends XD. my PSN is KeatsLocksley

            Thursday, 20-Nov-14 22:53:38 UTC from web
          • I only have a handful a games for now until Xmas. I am also new to this site and would like to have other Bronies to play games with since there's no other Bronies in my area. My PSN is vivadownload5567. Feel free to add me, I'm always on. Hopefully getting a PS4 soon.

            Wednesday, 19-Nov-14 18:56:50 UTC from web
          • My psn is Bubba Nighthawk. i have Black ops 2 and other games for online multiplayer. Just friend me and ask.

            Thursday, 02-Oct-14 17:39:04 UTC from web
          • !psnbronies if anyone has a ps3 or ps4 you should add cause you are awesome. Username is Nicklecat17

            Tuesday, 30-Sep-14 20:17:23 UTC from web
            • Decided to join to reach out to everyone more my public psn is EspressoPony feel free to add me :D

              Friday, 12-Sep-14 17:32:31 UTC from web
            • I started playing Payday 2 again after a long hiatus. The cloakers are most irritating.

              Sunday, 31-Aug-14 15:57:06 UTC from web
            • Hi I'm new to the sight and I wanted I find some bronies to play gta and stuff with my psn name is ruthlesshero95

              Sunday, 31-Aug-14 01:14:36 UTC from web
            • I also play bo2 and ghosts

              Thursday, 14-Aug-14 15:46:51 UTC from web
              • Does any pony play mw3 any more I do, add me if you do

                Thursday, 14-Aug-14 15:43:33 UTC from web
              • any one have a ps4 if you do add backroundpony

                Tuesday, 25-Mar-14 01:00:09 UTC from web
              • Who has Minecraft PS3?

                Friday, 24-Jan-14 12:58:47 UTC from web
              • anyone here have gta 5

                Friday, 13-Dec-13 00:00:38 UTC from web
              • !psnbronies if any pony out there plays borderlands add slyfoxman69 I have every legendary and can dupe if needed also play cod and BF brohoof/)

                Sunday, 10-Nov-13 09:40:06 UTC from web
              • !psnbronies Hey. I'm usually on every day for a little while. I play Black Ops 2, MW3 sometimes, Far Cry 3, and Sniper Elite V2. PSN is KamokuTheKitsune.

                Saturday, 26-Oct-13 22:15:34 UTC from web
              • !psnbronies hey if anyone here plays black ops 2 and wanna play sometime my id is Avater9

                Tuesday, 22-Oct-13 14:59:27 UTC from web
                • !psnbronies hi

                  Tuesday, 22-Oct-13 14:58:26 UTC from web
                • !psnbronies If you want to add me, my PSN is acasto.

                  Saturday, 28-Sep-13 17:07:49 UTC from web
                • !psnbronies I am currently downloading a large update (around 2 GB) for Payday 2. Hopefully the connectivity problems will be resolved when I am finished with the download.

                  Thursday, 22-Aug-13 03:43:35 UTC from web
                  • !psnbronies Payday 2 is plagued with glitches that prevent me from joining or hosting any online games. Clearly, this game was rushed.

                    Wednesday, 21-Aug-13 02:58:54 UTC from web
                  • !psnbronies add me:skydash 12340

                    Saturday, 17-Aug-13 06:24:31 UTC from web