1. My psn is: masond2000 the games that I have are mostly COD MC and a few others. If anyone wants someone to play with, then i'm your guy, Thanks :3

    Sunday, 22-Mar-15 05:36:17 UTC from web
    1. @bluejaygames Welcome! Have you had a good day so far? Why don't you tell us something about yourself?

      Sunday, 22-Mar-15 05:36:22 UTC from the Death Egg
    2. @bluejaygames Potato Knishes dog. I wish I had a PS.

      Sunday, 22-Mar-15 05:36:50 UTC from web
    3. @bluejaygames batcave dog. I wish I had a PS.

      Sunday, 22-Mar-15 05:36:54 UTC from web
    4. @bluejaygames I am on PSN, but I rarely play games online.

      Sunday, 22-Mar-15 05:38:16 UTC from web
      1. @m14brony Do you do like offline games and netflix?

        Sunday, 22-Mar-15 05:47:55 UTC from web
        1. @bluejaygames I haven't gotten around to trying Netflix. My busy college/work schedule has done wonders to delay trying it. I also typically play games offline when I do play them.

          Sunday, 22-Mar-15 05:51:02 UTC from web
          1. @m14brony wow

            Sunday, 22-Mar-15 05:53:09 UTC from web
            1. @bluejaygames Fortunately, I will be graduating this spring. I am looking forward to the end of these 14+ hour workdays.

              Sunday, 22-Mar-15 05:56:19 UTC from web
              1. @m14brony What type of degree are you getting in college?

                Sunday, 22-Mar-15 05:58:54 UTC from web
                1. @bluejaygames I am going for an Associate's Degree in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) field.

                  Sunday, 22-Mar-15 06:04:40 UTC from web
                  1. @m14brony Thats pretty cool

                    Sunday, 22-Mar-15 06:08:50 UTC from web
                    1. @bluejaygames The HVAC field is expanding, and I figured I would be better off spending two years at a technical college as opposed to spending the better part of a decade studying life science or law at a university/law school (I could end up with a mortgage-sized student loan and no relevant job after graduation).

                      Sunday, 22-Mar-15 06:13:59 UTC from web
                      1. @m14brony That is an excellent way of thinking

                        Sunday, 22-Mar-15 06:29:18 UTC from web