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Playstation Network Bronies

Playstation Network Bronies

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Everypony who has a PS3 and is registered to PSN is welcome, so all the PS3 bronies can be connected.

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  1. !psnbronies If anyone wants to play LBP2,DC Universe Online, BattleField Bad Company 2 or Soul Calibur V with me add:LittleSackBoy32 or if you wanna play Call of Duty Black Ops 2 add:Nxt_SilentShot (I have two accounts for some reason :3)

    Sunday, 09-Jun-13 23:27:31 UTC from web
  2. !psnbronies If anypony is up for MW3, just let me know. Other than that I don't really have many online Multiplayer games unless you play DCUO or the Multiplayer mode on Brutal Legend.

    Tuesday, 28-May-13 17:55:09 UTC from web
    • !psnbronies Hi there!!! If anypony want to add me I'm PinkiePie23

      Thursday, 23-May-13 02:24:56 UTC from web
    • !psnbronies my psn is desudesu7 add me if you want

      Wednesday, 15-May-13 22:25:55 UTC from web
      • !psnbronies anybody for mw2?

        Wednesday, 15-May-13 19:05:13 UTC from web
        • !psnbronies Sorry about that. My PSN is TK20011637

          Tuesday, 14-May-13 13:23:38 UTC from web
          • !psnbronies If anyone is a Dead Island or Dead Island: Riptide fan, let me know!!

            Tuesday, 30-Apr-13 00:23:30 UTC from web
            • !psnbronies My PSN ID is Agent-Clark00. I play numerous games. Feel free to add me, but do say where you are from RDN.

              Saturday, 27-Apr-13 08:37:36 UTC from web
              • !psnbronies My PSN ID Is BioBoy12! (The account was made 3 years ago and I love Bioshock) Add me and I'll play CoD from 10am-7pm (GMT) So if you love the British accent add me and I'll keep my tongue wagging ;) (No pun there you dirty grapess xD)

                Monday, 25-Mar-13 23:31:05 UTC from web
                • !psnbronies my gamertag is RichGambler2 And I will play call of duty with my brony pals... if you send me a friend request let me know you are from Rainbow Dash Network or I will reject it. Thx :)

                  Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 13:06:06 UTC from web
                  • !psnbronies

                    Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 13:03:37 UTC from web
                    • P.S. if anyone knows who "bryanabcd" on !psn is, let me know because I have a friend request from him and I don't take random friend requests.

                      Tuesday, 23-Oct-12 02:52:05 UTC from web
                    • !psnbronies anypony wanna join me and @saturnstar in Call of Duty Black Ops? Add us if interested!! BlackandWhite214 is saturn and mine is Surv1voR1993

                      Friday, 12-Oct-12 03:31:31 UTC from web
                      • !psnbronies Me and a bunch of brony friends are gonna create a clan on Black Ops in prep for Black Ops II (Black Ops is the only CoD I play) so if anypony is interested, add Surv1voR1993 as well as xbomp on psn. Bronies unite!

                        Thursday, 11-Oct-12 04:07:03 UTC from web
                        • !psn

                          Wednesday, 02-May-12 04:35:58 UTC from web
                        • !psn i'm boooored! c'mon lets play somthing tonight

                          Sunday, 29-Apr-12 04:17:13 UTC from web
                          • !psn BF3,MW3,GTA4 ????? anypony?

                            Saturday, 28-Apr-12 23:08:37 UTC from web
                            • !psn BF3 or GTA4 or MW3 anypony

                              Saturday, 21-Apr-12 00:52:02 UTC from web
                            • !psn anypony down for BF3 this weekend?

                              Friday, 20-Apr-12 02:15:39 UTC from web
                              • !psnbronies does anypony wanna play BF3 or MW3?

                                Sunday, 15-Apr-12 16:50:21 UTC from web
                              • !psnbronies Who here has GTA IV?

                                Thursday, 12-Apr-12 22:28:37 UTC from web
                              • !psnbronies BF3 THIS FRIDAY BE THERE!

                                Wednesday, 11-Apr-12 01:22:24 UTC from web
                                • !psn Hey everypony! Add CanadianGamer11!

                                  Sunday, 08-Apr-12 23:42:09 UTC from web
                                  • anypony wanna add me to the friend list?

                                    Sunday, 08-Apr-12 23:37:45 UTC from web
                                  • !psnbronies add eVilways571. multiplayer games i play: mw3, codbo, and saints row 3.

                                    Friday, 06-Apr-12 21:35:19 UTC from web
                                    • !psnbronies add me i'm FTW_DarkCell_FTW i mostly play MW3

                                      Monday, 02-Apr-12 21:23:52 UTC from web
                                    • !ps3bronies Does this exist? maybe? o:

                                      Thursday, 29-Mar-12 15:16:04 UTC from web
                                    • !psnbronies stumperman02 is mah name, battlefield 3 is not my game xD

                                      Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 21:45:48 UTC from web
                                      • about !ps3bronies you do realize there is a !psnbronies group

                                        Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 21:44:31 UTC from web
                                      • !psnbronies go go go now

                                        Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 02:23:41 UTC from web


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