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Caffeine Fiends

Caffeine Fiends

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Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid and psychoactive stimulant.

Caffeine Fiends (caffeine) group


  1. Oh wow. A small glimpse of "Communism" in the USA?

    about 4 months ago from web
  2. This might be the first !coffee I've had in two weeks.

    Friday, 22-Feb-19 16:43:51 UTC from web
    • My head hurts, I think I need !caffeine.

      Sunday, 10-Feb-19 20:23:09 UTC from web
      • My supervisor makes wicked-killer !coffee.

        Friday, 10-Aug-18 16:24:52 UTC from web
        • Just another Friday, sittin' in my cubicle, back-to-backin' !caffeine and trying not to sing "Gonads and Strife."

          Friday, 13-Apr-18 17:03:25 UTC from web
          • At least the poorly dissolved instant # at this continental breakfast has !caffeine....

            Friday, 23-Mar-18 15:21:07 UTC from web
          • !coffee is love. # is life.

            Monday, 12-Feb-18 21:23:13 UTC from web
            • Think I'm having !caffeine withdrawals...

              Sunday, 30-Jul-17 15:39:07 UTC from web
              • Still so sleep, !caffeine why you fail me???!?

                Friday, 21-Apr-17 20:35:13 UTC from web

                  Tuesday, 31-Jan-17 17:01:02 UTC from web
                • Oh god yes !coffee is so good

                  Tuesday, 10-Jan-17 16:03:18 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                  • I'm a !caffeine !princess

                    Monday, 03-Nov-14 16:31:44 UTC from web
                  • My attempted !caffeine tolerance break was a catastrophic failure.

                    Friday, 06-Jan-17 16:10:32 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                    • Go go !caffeine powered time lord magical girl transformation sequence, go!

                      Tuesday, 15-Mar-16 15:28:07 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                      • Need more !caffeine....

                        Thursday, 24-Dec-15 18:09:52 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                        • I will not brew Decaf.
                          Decaf is the mind-killer.
                          Decaf brings the little sleep that leads to total oblivion.
                          I will embrace my caffeine.
                          I will brew my beverages and let them flow through me, and when they are gone, I will remain...alert.

                          Friday, 23-Oct-15 02:34:57 UTC from web
                          • Time to sit back and sip my Pepsi-coffee. !caffeine (I know, I know, but it's WAY less than I have been drinking so it's still progress in the face of my addictions!)

                            Wednesday, 04-Feb-15 20:11:33 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                          • These !caffeine withdrawal headaches are a . . . well, they're a pain.

                            Tuesday, 03-Feb-15 23:48:21 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                          • Stayed up until midnight building walls and clearing trees. Woke up and finally made the first little hut of my village. I am so damn tired. <3 !coffee.

                            Tuesday, 30-Dec-14 16:13:54 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                            • I´m also overloaded on !caffeine right now.

                              Friday, 26-Dec-14 04:41:20 UTC from web
                            • Chocolate cake !coffee is the best

                              Wednesday, 19-Nov-14 23:08:53 UTC from web
                              • man I really want some !coffee right now

                                Wednesday, 19-Nov-14 01:19:11 UTC from web
                                • Metal's awesome for getting it, the rest of you can play with knobs.

                                  Monday, 03-Nov-14 03:34:56 UTC from web
                                • Man, should have picked up a !coffee when I was out. Maybe a walk to the closest petrol stand is in the near future, or brewing.

                                  Thursday, 23-Oct-14 05:16:07 UTC from web
                                • !coffee time then.

                                  Saturday, 18-Oct-14 03:06:41 UTC from web
                                  • So many !coffee, how do I still drowse?

                                    Friday, 26-Sep-14 21:53:35 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                                  • I lost the faith in caffeine in the night i had 8 times the suggested ammount of guarana and fell asleep about 1 hour later

                                    Thursday, 18-Sep-14 22:51:56 UTC from web