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Not telling, Over the rainbow

For people that have Skype and want to talk about MLP. So swearing, dirty humor, pornography or anything of that matter. The leader of this group is dashisbestpony.

TheBronySkypers (thebronyskypers) group


  1. hey my skype is zackery_adams and anypony can add me

    Friday, 08-Jul-16 13:04:15 UTC from web
    • Hello! My Skype is Zebray.TheZebra if anyone does wanna know. :)

      Tuesday, 28-Jun-16 08:02:59 UTC from web
      • Hiya C: I am new around here

        Sunday, 29-May-16 10:24:34 UTC from web
        • My skype is KirbyJerky1337, in case fellow group members want to know. If you want to let anyone else know your skype, be free to let them know.

          Thursday, 14-May-15 21:07:03 UTC from web