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A group for attendees of a Canadian Brony Convention

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  • Luke Roberts Rostad redheadbros Luke Roberts Rostad Camrose, Alberta, Canada

    The creative side of the fandom is endlessly wonderful. As well as fanfictions and art, I enjoy Dubstep. Also an aspiring pony analyst. April 4th! ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!!! HYYYYYYYYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE!

  • Cork Top corktop Cork Top Surrey, B.C., Canada
  • Andrew Kostyniuk stufferman Andrew Kostyniuk Camrose, Alberta, Canada

    Head of a small gang of Camrose, Alberta bronies and actively introducing new individuals to the show. Experienced Dungeon Master (3.5) and Ultraviolet High Programmer. Currently creating/writing a season of MLP: Roleplaying is Magic entitled "The Stalliongrad Chronicles" which is simultaneously being played by several bronies. Electronics Store Manager.

  • Firestorm firestormdangerdash Firestorm Ponyville (outskirts), Equestria

    Full bio in all it's radicalness on my DA.

  • moudood ahmad chouhary moututtihead moudood ahmad chouhary uk

    im a boy in england an im just 10 years old but ever since mlpfim was made i liked it whitch turned me into a brony.

  • Aaron waffles Aaron Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    I'm Waffles. I'm a magician and musician (Musical magician, or Magical musician?). I am terrible at drawing, but I make imposibottles.

  • Ron Orr blankron Ron Orr Glencoe ON Canada

    Long-time con-goer, costumer and fursuiter; currently running the nostalgia drag racing circuit and doing a bit of acting on the side. Spend most of my evenings with the brony community in Second Life - if you're ever in Trotsdale look me up...

  • blahblah blahblah Toronto, Canada

    I really, really like to meet new people - if anyone is interested, my skype name is- just mention the Rainbow Dash Network in the invite :) Also, I'm new to the whole brony community thing, and suffice it to say that I'm kinda nervous.

  • Lucas stilla Lucas Ontario

    I like ponies. :3

  • Lenneal Pennant lennshy Lenneal Pennant Canada, Brampton, Ontario

    I live in ponyville with fluttershy in here cottage we get along great

  • Jay Weiland x2f01 Jay Weiland Admin Saskatchewan, Canada