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Californian Bronies

Californian Bronies

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A group for all the bronies from all nooks and crannies of California.

Californian Bronies (californians) group


  1. Hey # I'm back =)

    Monday, 05-Dec-11 02:05:16 UTC from web
  2. !calbronies !californians !sfbronies so how was the Earthquake drill today around 10:20AM ???

    Friday, 21-Oct-11 03:35:08 UTC from web
  3. What might Happen to California !! =O !Calbronies !Californians !sfbronies

    Tuesday, 11-Oct-11 02:37:17 UTC from web
  4. I just want to check - we've got the !socalbronies, the !californians, the !labronies and the !calbronies - am I missing any groups?

    Wednesday, 14-Sep-11 01:04:42 UTC from web
    • hey look Rarity went to # # XD !sfbronies !californians

      Friday, 09-Sep-11 05:07:31 UTC from web
      • @madflavors I had that problem too , But I think my Old Neighbors Next to me use to Party very loud , I think they where drinking a lot ... But they moved away =D

        Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 01:48:34 UTC from web
      • @appleseed Yahh go !calbronies / !californians

        Thursday, 01-Sep-11 03:45:59 UTC from web
      • oh well there's a 2nd Californian Bronies group [ !calbronies ] at RDN now XD !californians

        Thursday, 01-Sep-11 03:34:44 UTC from web
        • lol wow I made a Californian Bronies Group even tho there's already one XD the one I made is ---> !calbronies , The one that already exists for a long time is this ----> !Californians XD

          Thursday, 01-Sep-11 03:30:03 UTC from web
        • good morning !californians

          Tuesday, 10-May-11 15:34:14 UTC from web
          • And with the stroke of midnight, it's officially # in !california (for the !nightowls at least). :) Hope it's a good one for everyone. !c

            Friday, 29-Apr-11 07:00:25 UTC from StatusNet Android
          • I didn't want any other !californians feeling left out, so there's a group now! Any !socalbronies who want to be more far-reaching and inclusive, feel free to join. :)

            Saturday, 16-Apr-11 16:21:26 UTC from web