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Camrose Bronies

Camrose Bronies


Camrose, Alberta, Canada

This is a group for bronies out of Camrose, Alberta. Augustana students and all others welcome, surrounding communities included.

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  • Kelsey Skaret thatfunnyguy Kelsey Skaret Hay Lakes, Alberta, Canada

    I was suckered right into the show because of its writing and character personalities while my sister watched the 2nd season. I honestly tried to not like it for a good few weeks, but eventually I caved and now I have two playlists of pony song on my phone, canon and UGC.

  • redheadbros redheadbros

    The creative side of the fandom is endlessly wonderful. As well as fanfictions and art, I enjoy Dubstep. Also an aspiring pony analyst. April 4th! ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!!! HYYYYYYYYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE!

  • Leo "lionheart" Gabriel ghostdashie20 Leo "lionheart" Gabriel canada

    Well some interests are fan fiction of mlp and other works. i am a big fan of good story lines and character development.

  • Jeffery Neil Wacaster drawponies Jeffery Neil Wacaster Nowhere

    I'm Neil, a.k.a. Drawponies, and I'm a professional MLP fanart creator and YouTuber. My drawing livestream is every Wednesday from 3-6 pm EST at I've done voice acting for Pony In a Box Productions' series Dr. Whooves Adventures, and am playing Herpy in the show Daring Do Adventures. Check it out here: My artwork has been featured six times on Equestria Daily, and I've presented panels to packed-out audiences at Brony Fan Fair, Equestria L.A., Brony-Fest, and Crystal Mountain Pony Con. If you would like to see an example of one of my panels, here you go: Also, I'm already approved to be a community guest at Pon3 Con, Nerdkon, Trotcon, and Brony Fan Fair, and I'll be doing one of the major panels at Bronycon. I love meeting my fans, so feel free to get in touch with me, or come see me at one of my upcoming conventions! I'm always glad to make new friends.

  • Firestorm firestormdangerdash Firestorm Ponyville (outskirts), Equestria

    Full bio in all it's radicalness on my DA.

  • Allan Shannon fleh Allan Shannon Camrose
  • David Kirby mlpdavester David Kirby Camrose, AB
  • Andrew Kostyniuk stufferman Andrew Kostyniuk Admin Camrose, Alberta, Canada

    Head of a small gang of Camrose, Alberta bronies and actively introducing new individuals to the show. Experienced Dungeon Master (3.5) and Ultraviolet High Programmer. Currently creating/writing a season of MLP: Roleplaying is Magic entitled "The Stalliongrad Chronicles" which is simultaneously being played by several bronies. Electronics Store Manager.