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Camrose Bronies

Camrose Bronies


Camrose, Alberta, Canada

This is a group for bronies out of Camrose, Alberta. Augustana students and all others welcome, surrounding communities included.

Camrose Bronies (cambronies) group


  1. There will be a mlp ccg game night in Camrose, at Anime Hypercubed (5015-46 Street), at 700 pm on May 2nd. We will be drafting with a $20 entry fee, but everyone will receive participatory packs in addition to their draft picks and some promo cards will be handed out as well. As usual for us, no experience necessary and no card collection needed. Come out, have some fun and learn a great game!

    Friday, 01-May-15 05:35:26 UTC from web
  2. For the record, I am the most active user on this side of the fence. Relay anything to me and I can pass it along.

    Tuesday, 07-Apr-15 17:04:18 UTC from web
    • so, are there any meetups planned for the new season coming april 4th?

      Friday, 06-Mar-15 16:14:05 UTC from web
    • There will be a mlp ccg tournament in Camrose, at Anime Hypercubed (5015-46 Street), at 730pm on February 28th. Bring a deck and compete for promo cards! I will be there at 7 to assist new players, and will provide decks if you do not have one.

      Thursday, 26-Feb-15 23:54:51 UTC from web
      • @redheadbros Hey I totally missed this post sorry! I don't come on here often, I just threw up this group to catch any locals such as yourself! I manage our local "The Source" store. Yes we meet up regularly, not necessarily for ponies though. Feel free to email me at I'll respond faster that way!

        Friday, 12-Dec-14 01:43:29 UTC from web
        • @stufferman what electronics store do you manage? also, do any of you camrose bronies meet on a regular basis anywhere? I need some friends.

          Wednesday, 19-Nov-14 22:10:21 UTC from web
          • hey ghost, this group was designed for bronies from camrose but i'm certainly not against having members from elsewhere. The RD earbuds were found in Spencers in West Edmonton Mall !cambronies

            Saturday, 27-Apr-13 19:38:51 UTC from web
            • !cambronies HI EVERYPONY

              Friday, 26-Apr-13 02:00:10 UTC from web
              • !cambronies Rainbow dash head sets.... WHere btw i'm new i live in calagary alberta

                Friday, 26-Apr-13 01:59:56 UTC from web
                • I'm impressed. As an electronics store manager, my initial sense was that those earbuds were garbage. Guess I should have looked closer !cambronies

                  Wednesday, 17-Apr-13 04:27:53 UTC from web
                • So I bought those !Rainbow_Dash earphones and they are easy the best sounding I ever had. Shouldnt be suprised but wow. !cambronies

                  Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 05:22:13 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                  • I see you Dave :D !cambronies

                    Monday, 08-Apr-13 20:52:26 UTC from web
                    • Awesome I somehow made a null group that has no nickname but still shows up. Hopefully that doesn't confuse anyone. !cambronies

                      Monday, 08-Apr-13 01:15:45 UTC from web
                    • Test. Made this group to organize any dialogue resulting from my group posting on EQD. !cambronies

                      Monday, 08-Apr-13 01:12:12 UTC from web