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Canadian Bronies

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A group for all those Canadian ponies out there, eh!

Canadian Bronies (canadaftw) group


  1. let's see what this drop down menu does when I post something...

    Saturday, 16-Nov-13 04:45:35 UTC from web
    • !canadaftw Hello ponies from Welland Ontario!

      Saturday, 08-Jun-13 12:23:40 UTC from web
      • !canadaftw Greetings fellow bronies from Saskatoon Saskatchewan!!

        Thursday, 11-Oct-12 05:30:04 UTC from web
      • !canadaftw How does everybody feel about getting rid of the penny?

        Saturday, 31-Mar-12 01:46:18 UTC from web
      • !canadaftw

        Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 03:46:35 UTC from web
        • !canadaftw

          Wednesday, 08-Feb-12 00:07:57 UTC from web
          • !caneighda needs to be added as a tag to the !canadaftw group.

            Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 07:44:43 UTC from web
            • My question was kind of directed to !canadaftw oh well live and learn.

              Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 04:25:47 UTC from web
              • !canadaftw Welcome to the group, fellow Canadians!

                Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 00:43:06 UTC from web