1. !canadaftw How does everybody feel about getting rid of the penny?

    Saturday, 31-Mar-12 01:46:18 UTC from web
    1. @yeepzor i am really indifferent to the penny

      Saturday, 31-Mar-12 01:47:08 UTC from web
      1. @gpupraxis @yodelerty You think they'll probably round everything to the nearest multiple of 5 then?

        Saturday, 31-Mar-12 01:48:36 UTC from web
        1. @yeepzor they are. up. everythings ggonna cost a few cents more

          Saturday, 31-Mar-12 01:49:02 UTC from web
        2. @yeepzor Here we have a law that says change <5 cents is rounded to benefit of the consumer.

          Saturday, 31-Mar-12 01:50:44 UTC from web
    2. @yeepzor I like it. I can't use pennies in a vending machine anyway.

      Saturday, 31-Mar-12 01:47:24 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    3. @yeepzor !canadaftw It doesn't really have a huge impact on me, to be honest. I'm a little surprised that it's happening, though.

      Saturday, 31-Mar-12 02:10:29 UTC from web