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RDN Today'sMeet users!

RDN Today'sMeet users!

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Today's Meet is a neat little service where you can make your own chatrooms that automatically delete after a while. Post your chatroom links with one of these tags if you have made your own. Chat on, bronies!

RDN Today'sMeet users! (chatbronies) group


  1. Join !chatbronies . It's really fun and the group design is epic.

    Tuesday, 28-Feb-12 01:45:22 UTC from web
  2. !chatbronies Anypony up for some chat?

    Wednesday, 22-Feb-12 01:26:32 UTC from web
  3. !checkthisout only for a week! !chatbronies

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 05:27:44 UTC from web
    • !chatbronies whatever. Even if aren't Canada, come chat.

      Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 01:21:14 UTC from web
      • Join the chat, it's only around for a week! !rdntodaysmeet Just click the link to reach the chat. It's really worth checking out.

        Sunday, 12-Feb-12 15:11:32 UTC from web
        • !todaysmeet New chatroom, only around for a week! Click the link:

          Sunday, 12-Feb-12 06:39:55 UTC from web