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East Pa Bronies

East Pa Bronies

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Eastern Pennsylvania

East PA Bronies is a group that gives Bronies of Eastern Pennsylvania an opportunity to meet other Bronies. We are currently in the planning stage so if you are a Brony looking to meet other Bronies around East PA send us a message! __________________________________________________
Please fill in this survey so that we can gauge interest and plan our first meetup! - __________________________________________________
E-Mail '' for more information, or just leave a comment here __________________________________________________

East Pa Bronies (eastpabronies) group


  1. Hey, just moved to Moosic! Anyone still around?

    Tuesday, 02-Apr-19 23:05:13 UTC from web
    • I live near Scranton! Anyone near me?

      Sunday, 24-Jan-16 06:15:18 UTC from web
      • @fireblitz I should probably let you know that the actual chances of finding someone who lives near you on this site is really small. We have a pretty small but tight-knit regular userbase from several different areas, so if you're hoping to meet people in your area this site is not really a great choice. Mind you, I think the locals here on this site are great for the most part, but there is currently no active user near you so if you're looking for people offline you're out of luck.

        Sunday, 24-Jan-16 06:19:53 UTC in context
      • @fireblitz I do! I live in Moosic!

        Tuesday, 02-Apr-19 23:04:19 UTC in context
    • Hey guys! I'm a bit North but definitely Eastern enough for this group. It's so awesome to get to join groups with Bronies in PA. I live in Dunmore and I think I am literally the only Brony here. Hope to hear from you guys soon!

      Friday, 23-May-14 02:58:48 UTC from web
    • I live in South East PA. Deleware County. I feel like I am the only one here.

      Monday, 18-Nov-13 18:57:10 UTC from web at 39°55'8"N 75°23'19"W
      • !eastpabronies Welcome, Derpshy!

        Monday, 11-Mar-13 20:19:37 UTC from web
        • !eastpabronies hey everypony:) im interested in joining

          Monday, 18-Feb-13 17:22:06 UTC from web
          • !eastpabronies Is it possible for each of us to connect through Facebook or something else? Nothing against the Dash network, but it feels like we're really disconnected here.

            Wednesday, 16-Jan-13 01:46:02 UTC from web
            • @ignis @mariapeterson @jennifergrey @carkantos @jmolinaro @saltyplatypus @fae @rainbowdash1x !eastpabronies A Very Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope all of you have a wonderful time with family, friends and fellow bronies! ^.^

              Sunday, 23-Dec-12 13:53:32 UTC from web
              • @rainbowdash1x !eastpabronies Welcome to our Herd! ^.^

                Saturday, 15-Dec-12 16:07:15 UTC from web
              • @fae !eastpabronies Welcome to the (growing!) herd! ^.^

                Thursday, 13-Dec-12 02:34:34 UTC from web
                • !eastpabronies I've been asking around my group of friends to see if they know anyone who would like to be a part of the meet-up. No luck so far, but I'll keep asking around.

                  Sunday, 09-Dec-12 07:46:16 UTC from web
                  • !eastpabronies Sorry for the delay on the meet guys! If you have any questions or comments, please email us at or add us on skype at eastpabronies . We will hold our first meet soon! We are trying to get more members, and get some shopping done.

                    Saturday, 08-Dec-12 22:45:23 UTC from web
                    • !eastpabronies Looking for more members, and we will have our meet... The meet was supposed to happen a long time ago.

                      Saturday, 01-Dec-12 21:53:01 UTC from web
                      • !eastpabronies Happy Thanksgiving, everypony! Hope the day is full of merriment and good food.

                        Thursday, 22-Nov-12 10:18:42 UTC from web
                        • !eastpabronies Working on the items for the meet. Will do a bit of shopping this weekend.

                          Tuesday, 20-Nov-12 15:55:02 UTC from web
                          • !eastpabronies Bronycon 2013, Baltimore Convention Center, Aug 2-4. The weekend before Otakon! It might be hard to go to both, but if we get enough people we may be able to!

                            Sunday, 11-Nov-12 07:37:24 UTC from web