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2.5D Bronies

2.5D Bronies


Anytown, USA

A group for ponies who play real games, like DooM, Wolf3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Marathon, etc.

2.5D Bronies (fake3dbronies) group


  1. Good new 2.5D loving ponies. :3 The XL Engine is nearing completion more and more. It even supports BLOOD so now you can realize your dreams of a modern engine to play Blood with. Additionally it supports Daggerfall, Outlaws, and Dark Forces. You can find more info and the latest version of the engine at !fake3dbronies

    Thursday, 08-Dec-11 15:33:00 UTC from web
    • Death Wish the recently released fan made episode for BLOOD is glorious. You should really try it sometime if you have a retail copy of Blood. !fake3dBronies

      Wednesday, 16-Nov-11 18:37:14 UTC from web
      • The original trailer for the cult hit Horror 2.5D FPS Blood one of the most glorious FPS's of all time. If you've not played it shame on you. :3 !fake3dBronies

        Friday, 11-Nov-11 15:06:33 UTC from web
      • i watched a skyrin gameplay video... First person games give me cancer....

        Friday, 11-Nov-11 14:59:31 UTC from web
      • !fake3dbronies The Gauntlet has been thrown down. Bloodbath 2 vs 1 # vs. Jinny. Who will win?

        Sunday, 23-Oct-11 00:58:59 UTC from web
        • Hello everypony.

          Saturday, 22-Oct-11 04:43:46 UTC from web
        • Attention: Today's game of the day is: Exumed/Power Slave for the PC, PSX, and Sega Saturn. That is all. !fake3dbronies

          Thursday, 20-Oct-11 14:10:41 UTC from web
          • Anypony here play any real games, like Catacombs Abyss, Nitemare3D, Wolf3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem 3D, DooM, etc. Any real awesome 2.5D games? !fake3dbronies

            Thursday, 20-Oct-11 02:24:17 UTC from web
          • @flaxx A singer in a smokey room, the smell of wine and cheap perfume.

            Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 18:02:40 UTC from web
          • @mrdragon !hugs

            Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:13:34 UTC from web
          • Man, there need to be more rad Bronies in the !fake3dbronies group. Don't any of ya'll still play, Doom, Wolf3D, Blood, Marathon, etc?

            Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:46:40 UTC from web
            • Anypony like real FPS games? 2.5D ones then I made a group just fro us. !fake3dbronies

              Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 00:56:52 UTC from web