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A place to share your pony stories. Rules: Link us to your own fanfiction, not others'. No plagiarism. No clopfics. Take criticism in stride.

If your story is incomplete, tag it with #incomplete.
If your story has a genre, tag it with the genre. E.g. #adventure or #comedy.

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  1. Hello, is there anyone left in this group?

    Tuesday, 14-Mar-17 05:16:39 UTC from web

      Monday, 25-Jan-16 18:37:58 UTC from web
      • Hello all i am an avid writer I hope you all enjoy some feels.

        Monday, 25-Jan-16 18:37:17 UTC from web
      • Waiting for approal but the first chapter of my first book is coming I will update you the link once it is visible to everyone on the site. The title is The Adventures of The Gaurdian.

        Saturday, 26-Sep-15 10:45:09 UTC from web at 42°5'51"N 76°49'47"W
        • ACK! Screwed up again TT_TT I am farely new to writing fanfics. As I grew I often wrote stories but never published them for any to see. I'm writing an original story its to become a comedy, romance, mostly random, but for now I just have an amnesiac stallion who is trying to find out who he is in ponyville. With the special ability to "Adapt" (inside joke/meaning) by absorbing books! Criticism is welcome, but please tell me if you enjoyed anything about it so my spirit isn't completely crushed TT_TT if there was anything to enjoy anyway lol! Well I look forward to seeing the works of this group! # # # # of life # universe #

          Tuesday, 31-Mar-15 02:11:46 UTC from web
        • Does anypony have an ink and quill image I can use as the icon of !fanfiction?

          Friday, 23-Jan-15 03:56:17 UTC from web
        • Here is my latest story it happens to be a collaboration with another author. Please feel free to check it out. # # # # # universe #

          Monday, 19-Jan-15 05:33:12 UTC from web
        • @bloodrosedoll Hey, it's good to see an author here! Welcome to !fanfiction group of RDN. I'm eager your read stuff over the next few weeks :D But, please link to specific stories rather than your FIMfiction profile page, to keep things organized.

          Monday, 19-Jan-15 04:23:34 UTC from web