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The official Furry group for Bronies

The official Furry group for Bronies


All furs are welcome =3
Feel free to take yourself your own pony plush!

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  1. !furrybronies a little preview on a project im working on at the moment :3 it'll be photoshopped later on.

    Wednesday, 29-Feb-12 03:24:18 UTC from web
  2. !furrybronies an anthro style pony i did for someone :3

    Tuesday, 28-Feb-12 06:46:26 UTC from web
    • !furrybronies Might do some more drawing soon.

      Monday, 27-Feb-12 23:42:49 UTC from web
      • Morning everypony.

        Monday, 27-Feb-12 08:08:21 UTC from web
      • !furrybronies lol just a little sketch i did today, might intrest ya ^^.

        Monday, 27-Feb-12 07:07:16 UTC from web
        • !furrybronies (Fixed some mistakes) I was bored, so I made this for you @ceruleanspark. Hope you like it! :3

          Monday, 27-Feb-12 05:57:58 UTC from web
        • !furrybronies Might make a drawing today. :3

          Sunday, 26-Feb-12 17:52:35 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          • !furrybronies

            Sunday, 26-Feb-12 10:04:26 UTC from Choqok
          • !furrybronies !vancouverbronies @tigerdusk Those were some nice pictures you showed at the meetup! I like your fursona. :3

            Sunday, 26-Feb-12 09:55:54 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          • !furrybronies Hay guys what's goin on in this group?

            Saturday, 25-Feb-12 06:33:02 UTC from web
          • !furrybronies o3o *waves a paw and or hoof* hai! It's nice to meet ya all! Im currently a pony with a furry tiger heart... if that makes any sense xD.

            Saturday, 25-Feb-12 06:13:20 UTC from web
          • @tequilasunrise hmm... darn looks like im gonna have to pay at the actual event. Oh well :3 *digs his tiger tail out!* I'll be ready!

            Saturday, 25-Feb-12 05:52:42 UTC from web
          • !furrybronies (Re-uploaded) Finished pencil drawing! Me posing with my Ceremonial Mason Sword. :3

            Saturday, 25-Feb-12 03:45:27 UTC from web
          • !furrybronies A work in progress. It's me posing with my Ceremonial Mason Sword. :3

            Friday, 24-Feb-12 06:14:15 UTC from web