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Real-Life FPS Gamers

Real-Life FPS Gamers

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For bronies & ponies who play airsoft, LASER tag, paintball, or even water guns - come on in!

Real-Life FPS Gamers (irlfps) group


  1. Put my !paintball gear up on eBay.

    Monday, 28-Apr-14 03:19:31 UTC from web
    • Selling a !paintball kit in !SoCal - (I feel like maybe I should NSFW this because, you know, Craigslist, but the listing is safe, I swear! (though, bringing paintball to the office probably wouldn't be work-safe...)) :p

      Friday, 19-Apr-13 19:52:15 UTC from web
      • MFW I don't play !paintball now because I get that urge taken care of at my swordfights.

        Thursday, 07-Mar-13 19:34:40 UTC from web
        • !SoCal and !LAbronies -- Not much new showing up for July, so basically just see here: One new event, though, is another !paintball day out in Escondido this Saturday (July 21st), so if that is relevant to your interests goto and check it out!

          Monday, 16-Jul-12 18:25:34 UTC from web
          • I'm at an all night laser tag event! So much fun!

            Sunday, 24-Jul-11 07:18:15 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          • Woah. Havn't posted on this account for a while!

            Sunday, 03-Jul-11 17:19:05 UTC from web
          • Just got home from paintball with my sister, her boyfriend, and some other people. I escaped relatively unscathed.

            Saturday, 18-Jun-11 22:09:56 UTC from web
          • @abigpony I do play !paintball. In fact, today was my first airsofting, but I do believe I can see myself investing in it.

            Sunday, 12-Jun-11 08:56:21 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          • Also at !airsoft - Resting between rounds, complaining about the heat, I said, "It needs to be about 20% cooler." No reactions. Oh, well.

            Saturday, 11-Jun-11 21:59:56 UTC from MuSTArDroid
            • !airsoft Highlight of the day - I took two surrenders with an empty magazine & a mean stance. # :D Gotta get my own gun before next time.

              Saturday, 11-Jun-11 21:19:10 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              • Alrighty then! I depart for my first-ever game of !airsoft. Wish me luck.

                Saturday, 11-Jun-11 15:37:03 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              • !irlfps I love shooting my friends!

                Saturday, 11-Jun-11 13:28:54 UTC from web
              • I just became aware that there was no group for !airsoft, !paintball, or !lasertag players. So now there is - !irlfps

                Saturday, 11-Jun-11 13:25:30 UTC from web