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Call of Cutie: Modern Bronywars 3

Call of Cutie: Modern Bronywars 3


A group for bronies who play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. You can freely join and set up 1v1 matches or clans or lobbies or just MW3 multiplayer parties.

Call of Cutie: Modern Bronywars 3 (mb3) group


  1. Hi, I play mw3 on the ps3 and my username is either Luxray33 or Luxray3. Try both. I cannot rember exactly because I am in bed and tired. I play at random times, so do not expect me to be on 24/7.

    Saturday, 14-Nov-15 05:13:00 UTC from web
  2. !mb3 I love how on the backround pic fluttershy is ghost (wait... she is right??????) poor ghosty. Had to die such a horrible way.

    Thursday, 31-May-12 03:37:10 UTC from web
    • !mb3 I mean almost 5th (im 4th)

      Saturday, 26-May-12 20:49:26 UTC from web
      • sooooooo anypony play modern warfare 3? !mb3

        Thursday, 24-May-12 03:08:42 UTC from web
        • !Sanponyiego hello im ur new admin XD yay

          Saturday, 19-May-12 04:44:07 UTC from web
        • !mb3 hehehe made Call of Cutie: Modern Bronywars 3 group! Anypony play mw3 and is interested?

          Wednesday, 23-May-12 00:40:44 UTC from web