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A social and meetup group for Michigan bronies!

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  1. Hey !mibronies, Just relocated to the Ann Arbor area, Any Brony's around wanna get together?

    Monday, 21-Nov-11 18:34:39 UTC from web
  2. !mibronies Hey guys we have a fast growing group catering to bronies of the West Michigan Area (Grand Rapids, Rockford, Muskegon, Allendale, Cedar Springs, Holland). It's FB for those that use that use the service: @cynicalpink @commiekirby I noticed you are both are from the GR area. Come look us up@

    Thursday, 27-Oct-11 01:29:51 UTC from web
    • !mibronies

      Thursday, 29-Sep-11 08:45:34 UTC from web
      • !mibronies anypony between Detroit and Toledo?

        Thursday, 22-Sep-11 03:50:43 UTC from web
      • Hi !mibronies! I just moved to Holland for college so I just wanted to find some other bronies in the general area. :D

        Sunday, 04-Sep-11 17:10:24 UTC from web
      • Any !mibronies from Kalamazoo?

        Friday, 02-Sep-11 07:04:23 UTC from web
      • @masiko Both me and @Presspass are in GR as well! I'm so excited for West !mibronies!

        Sunday, 28-Aug-11 17:15:02 UTC from web
      • Wow; !mibronies is almost up to 50 members! And to think I was worried when I signed up as #

        Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 02:40:17 UTC from web
        • !mibronies Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a meetup for the new season, which is September 17th. I'm thinking a fairly casual meet-up/pony-ish party (cupcakes, streamers, all that jazz.) I'm in the Grand Rapids area so I'm planning on somewhere around there. If anyone is interested hit me up.

          Tuesday, 23-Aug-11 05:02:10 UTC from web
        • !mibronies There is this anime convention in Detroit at the end of October called Youmacon, that would be an awesome place to meet up.

          Saturday, 13-Aug-11 01:27:18 UTC from web
        • Informal Survey: Who is (currently) best pony? I'm in for Pinkie Pie =P

          Sunday, 07-Aug-11 06:04:01 UTC from web
        • Hello every brony. How are you y'all today?

          Sunday, 07-Aug-11 05:51:38 UTC from web
        • !mibronies Aight, there's a thread on ponychan for those interested in this thing. I don't do social networking, but I DO do imageboards. So sorry if you're the inverse. You can hit me up at my email though if you prefer that. I just may take longer to respond.

          Thursday, 04-Aug-11 14:33:31 UTC from web
          • !mibronies Oh god I hope I'm doing this right... I don't use social networks. Okay, so I'm trying get the ball rolling on a brony meetup sometime in the near future for southeast michigan. Anyone have any interest (either in attending or helping me make this become a reality)? I've already got a few people who have shown interest, and know some bronies in real life I can expect to show up... My profile-thing on here has my email, so if there's any interest, drop me a line and I should get back to you pretty quickly.

            Monday, 01-Aug-11 05:30:39 UTC from web
          • !mibronies Old school diehard MLP fan with Brony DH in Ann Arbor! Ready for pony worship deployment ^_^ lol

            Tuesday, 02-Aug-11 04:52:43 UTC from web
          • !mibronies is there anyone in the saginaw district?

            Friday, 29-Jul-11 18:02:45 UTC from web
          • !mibronies So anypony know if we're having a meetup anytime soon?

            Monday, 25-Jul-11 21:28:30 UTC from web
          • !mibronies ok so im looking to set up a meet up in grand rapids but i need to know what you guys want to do?

            Thursday, 28-Jul-11 17:28:20 UTC from web
          • I'm here representing Brighton, Michigan! I don't have a lot of spare time to meet up with anypony, but if something big ends up happening at any point I'll have to mark my calendar. !mibronies!

            Wednesday, 20-Jul-11 00:30:16 UTC from web
            • Anypony near Traverse City !mibronies!

              Sunday, 17-Jul-11 00:10:41 UTC from web
            • Woo! Loving the West Michigan representation in !mibronies!

              Saturday, 16-Jul-11 03:02:16 UTC from web