1. Hello every brony. How are you y'all today?

    Sunday, 07-Aug-11 05:51:38 UTC from web
    1. @water A new face! Hello!

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 05:52:31 UTC from web
    2. @water hello I'm still kinda drunk.

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 05:53:04 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    3. @water I'm good... Water. Welcome to the site... Water.

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 05:54:08 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    4. @derpy Ok derpy

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 05:54:20 UTC from web
    5. @zachariastargazer ...All assuming up on me. I'm taken. TWICE.

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 05:55:42 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    6. @zachariastargazer Where? That's right, TWICE.

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 05:56:51 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    7. @zachariastargazer Nope! Only twice!

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 05:58:18 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    8. @derpy Its that goofy look on your face is why i called you derpy. =P and only 74% love come on you know its 95% derp 4% love 1% tolerate

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 05:58:45 UTC from web
    9. @water Hey !mibronies welcome to the group!

      Sunday, 07-Aug-11 05:59:04 UTC from web

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