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Michigan Bronies

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A social and meetup group for Michigan bronies!

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  1. !mibronies hi

    Saturday, 13-Apr-13 08:26:45 UTC from web
    • !mibronies Is there anything going on soon I mean we need to do something maybe winter wrap up themed

      Saturday, 06-Apr-13 16:00:46 UTC from web
      • !mibronies Does anyone know when the next meet up is going to be and where its going to be at?

        Wednesday, 27-Mar-13 22:32:51 UTC from web
        • @chimicherrychanga Wha!? Another one of the !mibronies? Is it possible?!

          Sunday, 27-Jan-13 08:11:59 UTC from web
        • !mibronies Howdy there. I'm from the Great Lakes Bay Region, but I'm currently at NMU. Anypony know of any UP meetups or any planned summer east MI meetups?

          Tuesday, 12-Feb-13 23:11:36 UTC from web
        • !mibronies iosco county meetups anypony, (east michigan)

          Monday, 11-Feb-13 06:43:24 UTC from web
        • !mibronies Eastern Michigan here! Any meetups anytime soon?

          Sunday, 27-Jan-13 07:57:00 UTC from web
          • OUR CLAIM HAS BEEN STAKED. FIM FAN MEETUP TO BE HELD SATURDAY 10:45 P.M. AT THE REN CEN'S WINTERGARDEN MAIN FLOOR. 60 members strong and to be looking for more @con. Hope all interested parties can attend! !mibronies

            Sunday, 28-Oct-12 08:53:56 UTC from web
            • Still gathering members for the Youmacon FiM fan meetup. 1 week old, and already with 23 new invitees! Details here:" !mibronies

              Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 18:33:53 UTC from web
              • !mibronies Planning a FiM fan meetup during Youmacon. Reply if interested or if you have ideas.

                Thursday, 04-Oct-12 02:48:08 UTC from web
                • !mibronies dont suppose theres anyone out there near the gladwin, MI?

                  Sunday, 30-Sep-12 23:13:51 UTC from web
                • !mibronies, any Holland bronies here besides @snowfall?

                  Tuesday, 20-Mar-12 01:42:05 UTC from web
                • !mibronies hey, would any Holland bronies happen to be out there?

                  Friday, 21-Sep-12 21:45:06 UTC from web
                • !mibronies Yo, Eastern Michigan Bronies! Present yourselves.

                  Thursday, 13-Sep-12 20:43:13 UTC from web
                  • !mibronies I am from the New Baltimore/Chesterfield area! I hope to someday meet some more fellow bronies near here.

                    Saturday, 01-Sep-12 01:42:09 UTC from web
                  • !mibronies I am from Owosso, hoping to meet others like myself, maybe even from areas close to my own area.

                    Saturday, 25-Aug-12 17:48:45 UTC from web
                    • !mibronies Test post, I live in Grand Haven is anypony out in this area?

                      Thursday, 23-Aug-12 20:53:43 UTC from web
                      • !mibronies Any U.P bronies out there?

                        Monday, 23-Jul-12 14:26:40 UTC from web
                      • !mibronies Ok ponies, if you live on the West side of the state, like me, I found a meetup group on facebook. They're pretty active, though I haven't been able to attend a meetup yet because work eats my life. >.< So if you live in Allegan, Ottawa, Berrien, Kent, or any county around there, here's a link to their facebook page: They're VERY active, at least on facebook, and as far as I know they've had quite a few meetups. So midwestern Michigan is somewhat covered. It looks like we still need to form groups for Southwest, Lansing area, Detroit metro, and possibly Flint. Hope this helps some of the Western Michigan bronies!

                        Sunday, 22-Jul-12 17:03:05 UTC from web
                        • !mibronies any person live in the dearborn area

                          Sunday, 01-Jul-12 19:18:18 UTC from web
                        • !mibronies - anypony in South-Central Michigan? (Specifically Jackson/Western Hillsdale/Southern Ingham counties)

                          Tuesday, 05-Jun-12 23:15:37 UTC from web
                          • Where ma rochester, !mibronies at!?

                            Sunday, 04-Mar-12 02:58:01 UTC from web
                          • # Is anypony going to BronyCon or TrotCon??

                            Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 04:07:41 UTC from web
                          • !mibronies I live in Warren, MI, but that won't matter unless you RESPOND!!!

                            Monday, 26-Mar-12 03:01:52 UTC from web
                          • !mibronies Y u no respond????? Empty group :'(

                            Saturday, 24-Mar-12 05:49:53 UTC from web
                          • !mibronies Anyone of you near Macomb County in Michigan?

                            Wednesday, 21-Mar-12 17:33:24 UTC from web
                          • Hey !Mibronies, any bronies in Rochester, Michigan?

                            Thursday, 01-Mar-12 17:06:25 UTC from web
                          • Hey !Mibronies, looking to possibly talk to or even meet bronies from the Ann Arbor area! :3

                            Monday, 02-Jan-12 03:22:55 UTC from web
                          • !mibronies I'm not from Michigan but I live like 10 minutes away in Windsor! :3

                            Monday, 28-Nov-11 10:17:05 UTC from web
                            • !mibronies any downriver bronies?

                              Monday, 21-Nov-11 22:52:42 UTC from web