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This group is for all Brony's learning how to draw MLP characters!
Share your drawings, and collaborate on how to get better.

Main focus on Paper art.

Link to get started.

Very basic step by step.

If you want to collaborate on Skype, Add me.
Jewish Wolf

mlpart4newbies (mlpart4newbies) group


  1. @ponyrage !mlpart4newbies Just got it today. Good work to work with.

    Thursday, 05-Jul-12 20:19:23 UTC from web
  2. @PonyRage !mlpart4newbies Eh. That was my second attempt at Mlp lol. Getting the basics down. Need to work on the eyes more. Been focusing on sketching body lately.

    Thursday, 05-Jul-12 17:45:32 UTC from web
  3. @ponyrage !mlpart4newbies To get started. Go to a local Hobby shop, or Michael. Grab a Sketching art Set, and Strathmore Sketch. Learn how to draw outlines, and shapes. This should improve on pressure with pencils to have a nice smooth outline, or go a simple route with Wal-Mart, and by some notebooks, pencils, coloring pencils, and have at it.

    Saturday, 30-Jun-12 22:34:49 UTC from web