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Project Horizons Audiobook

Project Horizons Audiobook

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For those who are coming together to make the audio rendition of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons a reality.

Project Horizons Audiobook (phaudio) group


  1. @tenmihara where is the link to your recordings of Project Horizons?

    Saturday, 05-Apr-14 18:04:53 UTC from web
    • !PHAB Apologies for the angst attack last week. Back to school + Bad Weather + lack of sleep = depression. I will still be doing this, although because of the prioritization of school and work, I can't make any promises that it will get done quickly. I will also be doing it in smaller sessions as @redtie suggested, since the longer I spend recording at a time, the worse my voice sounds

      Monday, 09-Jan-12 22:04:34 UTC from web
    • @thatonepony !PHAB Let's wait until @redtie and @vozdesuneos hear abotu this, and see what they think. I'd like everypony's input before we decide how to proceed

      Saturday, 07-Jan-12 04:36:20 UTC from web
    • !PHAB up to 55 minutes of recording done now. This is taking longer than I thought it would, but at least there's progress. Not quite at the halfway point of the chapter, but P-21 has now been introduced

      Thursday, 15-Dec-11 19:07:02 UTC from web
      • @thatonepony Check under !PHAB =P

        Thursday, 15-Dec-11 05:17:24 UTC from web
      • Hey everypony

        Wednesday, 14-Dec-11 19:28:47 UTC from web
      • !PHAB I've got seventeen minutes of recording done for the first chapter. I'd say about... an eighth, maybe a sixth <.<

        Wednesday, 14-Dec-11 18:45:23 UTC from web
        • !PHAB Wow, okay. Chapter 1a of Project Horizons is almost 23,000 words. Scorch's recordings of Chapter 17 (longest to date) was nearly 2 hours long, and its word count is a little over 17,000. This is going to take a while.

          Wednesday, 14-Dec-11 16:53:11 UTC from web
        • !PHAB Okay, since the revised chapter 1 is a fair bit longer, I decided to wait until I had more time to do the recording. Wednesday and Thursday I have 8am exams, after which the house will be empty, so it'll be perfect

          Tuesday, 13-Dec-11 05:59:57 UTC from web
        • Finally finished reading the revised PH Chapter 1. Its a lot longer than it used to be. Recording is gonna take some time !PHAB

          Saturday, 10-Dec-11 18:32:04 UTC from web
          • !PHAB Hey guys, i just got word from Hinds that chapter 1 has been revised and Somber has given the okay for recording. I don't think there's any voices in the first couple chapters not done by me, but I just wanted to let you know that the ball's gonna start rolling on this project finally. Also, @thatonepony I hope you're still in to edit the raw recordings.

            Friday, 09-Dec-11 13:01:14 UTC from web
          • !phaudio Not sure if you guys need any help with anything, but I'd like to get involved. Not sure if there's an audition process or anything, but here's a youtube of me reading Fallout:Equestria -

            Sunday, 04-Dec-11 06:14:56 UTC from web
          • !PHAB A brony did this in response to my My Little Dashie reading. It's pretty amazing and he said he'd be happy to compose things for Project Horizons should y'all have any interest.

            Thursday, 01-Dec-11 16:54:31 UTC from web
            • !PHAB aaaand I can't press enter, sorta forgot that, but I also had a couple different voice ideas for Big Daddy, so here they are.

              Wednesday, 30-Nov-11 22:56:16 UTC from web
              • !PHAB so... lesee if I can make Dropbox work right. I have some voicey things for you! I realize Sanguine is taken, but I thought I'd still put in my two cents for what it sounds like in my head:

                Wednesday, 30-Nov-11 22:55:00 UTC from web
                • !PHAB Sooo... I'm continuing to catch up at a glacial pace, but I caught myself wondering if anypony had auditioned for DJ Pon3 or Redbeard yet. They're not really characters I want, I'm just interested to see how other bronies would voice them.

                  Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:26:14 UTC from web
                • @vozdesuenos Okay, so at present it looks like you're in for Priest. However, I think @redtie 's take on the Dealer (Bony dole) wins out. He managed to capture a similar attitude to the one you presented, and the rough tone of the voice he used I felt was better suited for the character who Blackjack claims looks like a skeleton pony. !PHAB

                  Monday, 21-Nov-11 04:53:35 UTC from web
                • !PHAB I just uploaded Voz's Dealer Sample to the Dropbox and I want to know what you guys think.

                  Sunday, 20-Nov-11 20:08:24 UTC from web
                • I'm going to go punch the covering of the barn floor. @tenmihara I'll totally do those auditions tomorrow.

                  Sunday, 20-Nov-11 08:56:16 UTC from web
                • @tenmihara I was just sitting here, wondering what to do with my insomnia, when I remembered I still need to do my final audition. What scenes do you want me to do for each character? I was thinking of doing for Sanguine, Goldenblood, The Dealer, and (Maybe) Lighthooves.

                  Sunday, 20-Nov-11 07:55:40 UTC from web
                • !PHAB I've managed to make at least one decision; Voz sent me a take for Priest and he absolutely nailed it. I'll send you his samples in case you want to object, but they're pretty good. He also took a stab at Dealer, but it's a bit different from what we had in mind. I'll send the samples to the dropbox sometime today

                  Saturday, 19-Nov-11 19:41:46 UTC from web
                • !PHAB Looks like this weekend is the big one for us guys. Hinds has said the edits are on their way, and will be completed soon. Once they are, I'll be able to do our first official recording for chapter 1

                  Friday, 18-Nov-11 21:26:19 UTC from web
                • !PHAB Hey guys; one of the guys auditioning for the project is putting together a sample for Priest. More once I hear back from him

                  Thursday, 17-Nov-11 02:27:23 UTC from web
                  • To any ponies who deal with PHP regularly; is there a locally-run interpreter I can use to test the output of a PHP file, or is my only option repeated uploads to a server?

                    Wednesday, 16-Nov-11 01:11:55 UTC from web