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Pink Floyd Ponies

Pink Floyd Ponies

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The Dark Side of the Moon

This group is for all Pink Floyd fans! Rock on! =D

Pink Floyd Ponies (pinkfloydponies) group


  1. !pinkfloydponies Hello! is there anypony in there?

    Friday, 16-Aug-13 06:27:12 UTC from web
    • !wishyouwerehere

      Thursday, 09-Feb-12 03:02:51 UTC from web
    • Hi everypony; it's been a while. Homeworks an stuffs, y'know. Have a PMV. !pinkfloyd

      Saturday, 14-Apr-12 15:01:58 UTC from web
      • I'm going to the moon for a bit

        Sunday, 26-Feb-12 18:34:31 UTC from web
      • Alright everypony let's get serious for a moment. # Why are we all here?

        Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:06:15 UTC from web
      • Ahh... Much better. Put on some !pinkfloyd and all my worries went away (for the most part). Ready to hit the hay. G'night!

        Friday, 10-Feb-12 04:28:50 UTC from web
      • @colfax My group was removed (at least I think, it's not there anymore), and it was the only one that had any people in it. I'm sorry if it didn't seem "worthy" I guess, but it was based off of a joke. I can understand, just a little disheartened. (!pett)

        Thursday, 09-Feb-12 03:15:42 UTC from web
      • Chillin' on the !DarkSideOfTheMoon . Don't ask what I told the princess.

        Thursday, 09-Feb-12 03:18:36 UTC from web
        • Made a new group! I have wayyy too many of 'em. !ebponies !pett !twidash !pinkfloydponies

          Thursday, 09-Feb-12 03:06:43 UTC from web