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Pony Politics

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For us ponies that happen to be fans of politics! Discuss about the real world or Equestria, or whatever.

Pony Politics (ponitics) group


  1. OK, just clarifying, !solarempire is vote celestia, !newlunarrepublic is vote luna, !nmr is vote eternal night aka NMM, and, um, !everyponysings is vote music. In fact, if every group on RDN had a representitive or an acronym I could turn it into a political party. !ponitics !promote

    Wednesday, 15-Feb-12 01:16:42 UTC from web
  2. Who wants to debate about !ponitics or other controversial topics?

    Wednesday, 08-Feb-12 02:14:36 UTC from web
    • # The other day My Little Sister said to me: "What if there was a job where you could just goof off all day and still get paid...", to which I quickly replied: "Well, it's called social security". !ponitics Sucks living in a communist-wannabe fascist-state-loving country sometimes. I remember the good ol' viking days... !eu !swedishponies

      Sunday, 24-Apr-11 17:21:29 UTC from web