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Pony Creator Fans

Pony Creator Fans

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If you use the pony creator or are obsessed with it join this group the fun will begin once we get together and show of our AWESOME CUSTOM MADE PONIES!!! (P.S. Admin is no longer on the site.)

Pony Creator Fans (ponycreator) group


  1. cape 6 on !ponycreator looks like it could be a small dress.

    Wednesday, 04-Apr-12 00:05:17 UTC from web
    • this is random, but what do you guys think of the background on my profile?

      Tuesday, 13-Mar-12 21:31:30 UTC from web
    • @pugs911 t needs colour. but good. if you really want a pic, use !ponycreator

      Tuesday, 13-Mar-12 02:55:57 UTC from web
      • @zimzap # and # is the hair colour of mine, # is the eye colour, and # is obviously the coat. xD

        Friday, 09-Mar-12 02:19:47 UTC from web
      • for @bronyalex I got some steampunk wings! /)^3^(\ use this code in !ponycreator 1K2S000100F7DBC7FFC49D00201A3F1C7UR1734000100000Q0F3EB91FF7FFF0O107F3FCC004CB2

        Friday, 02-Mar-12 01:56:57 UTC from web
      • @fluttershy321 I'm okay, I think. Not entirely sure. I think I need doctors and stuff >.>

        Tuesday, 20-Sep-11 22:47:12 UTC from web
      • !ponycreator I didn't there was a group like this. BUT BAM! here's a dragon pony :)

        Tuesday, 20-Sep-11 21:29:58 UTC from web
        • !ponycreator Just thought I'd share my fan pony. Meet Forest Blush!

          Sunday, 18-Sep-11 15:46:03 UTC from web
          • @hoit21 google likes us though *insane laugh*

            Sunday, 04-Sep-11 01:07:50 UTC from web

            Saturday, 03-Sep-11 02:55:03 UTC from web
          • @hoit21 i made a new group for !ponycreatorfans

            Friday, 02-Sep-11 21:42:25 UTC from web