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the group for all things related to the fangame ponykart. lead by one of the developers.

Ponykart (ponykart) group


  1. !ponykart in case you missed it, we are going to have a few members of ponykart (including yours truly) on the Game Developers Panel at summer bronycon! also some random ponykart news in case you missed it

    Wednesday, 30-May-12 16:50:32 UTC from web
    • !ponykart be on the lookout for a new update video within the next few days. this time Anarchianbedlam is going to cover his changes to the karts and our future plans for Derpy.

      Thursday, 12-Apr-12 05:55:20 UTC from web
    • !ponykart twilight's kart has been given an overhaul by Anarchianbedlam, it is now approximately 20% more badass.

      Wednesday, 11-Apr-12 18:46:32 UTC from web
      • !ponykart. the model for rainbow dash's kart is now finished. just like with twilights kart, the amount of detail put in by Anarchianbedlam is sure to knock your socks off when you see it in the next update video. also Excelsior.

        Wednesday, 11-Apr-12 03:34:23 UTC from web
      • @swivel !ponykart When is this game to be released, and if it is, where can I find it?

        Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 01:28:58 UTC from web
      • @ponydude !ponykart we will be redoing sweet aple acres because it is poorly designed, and after release we will move on to make more track packs, as well as more playable characters.

        Monday, 09-Apr-12 05:51:27 UTC from web