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So, I had a group like this on Flankbook. Basically, the town library is always open for RP, discussion of literature, sharing of fanfics, requests for reviews, anything really. I love literature, and I intend to share it with as many ponies as I can!

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  1. !ponyvillelibrary Definitely thinking of reading some T. Hardy over summer break.

    Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 13:25:26 UTC from web
    • !ponyvillelibrary quick update, i am waiting on my copy of "a shadow of the wind" plus i got my hands on "a clockwork orange" which is a great book, but its written at a very advanced level, its hard to keep track of at times

      Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 21:09:52 UTC from web
      • !ponyvillelibrary thank god i found something familiar, its calming to see the library again

        Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 20:41:42 UTC from web
        • !ponyvillelibrary Like so?

          Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 02:13:08 UTC from web
        • !ponyvillelibrary I got a suggestion for a book. The Night Angels Trilogy by Brent Weeks. It's totally awesome and you guys should check it out. It is a bit on the grimdark side but nothing too bad.

          Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 02:08:16 UTC from web
          • Will this post in the designated group?

            Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 02:06:20 UTC from web
          • !ponyvillelibrary Okay, I basically had this group open on Flankbook. Essentially it is an open forum for literature, feel free to share books, discuss literature, share fanfictions, request reviews.

            Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 01:58:24 UTC from web
            • @twilightsparkleunicorn !ponyvillelibrary And as for rp:

              Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 01:56:34 UTC from web