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Rainbow Dash Positivity Club

Rainbow Dash Positivity Club


For those having a crisis and who need help. Those who need help are given help by our volunteers and group members. We are about staying positive and keeping everyone happy. We give a hand to those who are feeling down and in the dumps.

Rainbow Dash Positivity Club (rdpositiveclub) group


  1. Wooooo!

    Thursday, 27-Aug-15 00:35:32 UTC from web
    • Hey! /)

      Thursday, 26-Mar-15 21:20:43 UTC from web
      • !rdpositiveclub This seems like such a cool group, I love its colors!

        Saturday, 28-Feb-15 04:27:04 UTC from web
        • hi i have been in a big depreshon and can you help me.i cant spell

          Thursday, 26-Feb-15 14:48:16 UTC from web
        • We are now open! You may join the group at your own will and we are officially public to everyone. Feel free to post and share amongst others your feelings and expressions of how you are feeling now. Thanks for your patience guys!

          Wednesday, 18-Feb-15 05:59:02 UTC from web