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Red vs Blue fans

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Red vs Blue fans (rvb) group


  1. Hey everypony! This group still alive?

    Thursday, 30-Jan-14 18:00:20 UTC from web
  2. watching !rvb season 1

    Monday, 16-Apr-12 22:08:26 UTC from web
    • !rvb Sneak peak for Season 10 is out. Features Agents Main's (The Meta) A.I. Segma (voiced by Elijah Wood)

      Thursday, 12-Apr-12 00:39:58 UTC from web
    • OH MY GOD. The !RvB Finale just blew my mind with the ending!!!

      Tuesday, 15-Nov-11 04:29:17 UTC from web
    • 1 hour until the !RvB Finale!

      Tuesday, 15-Nov-11 01:37:27 UTC from web
      • @greydragon412 I am !RvB FTW :3 and then Season 10 comes..

        Sunday, 13-Nov-11 17:48:40 UTC from web
      • @Greydragon412's command of !RVB is impressive.

        Monday, 12-Sep-11 16:15:43 UTC from TTYtter
        • !RedvsBlue RT's new guy is a Brony. We're slowly infiltrating them.

          Monday, 15-Aug-11 18:12:56 UTC from web
        • Heya ponies! How're we all doing today?

          Wednesday, 27-Jul-11 15:43:38 UTC from web
        • !rvb Caboose: "Time is not made out of lines... It is made out of circles. That is why clocks are round." Fast forward to the episode of Futurama season 5 where TIME IS MADE OF CIRCLES.

          Sunday, 24-Jul-11 23:08:45 UTC from web
          • Wait, the next season of !Rvb started already?

            Monday, 11-Jul-11 15:18:06 UTC from TTYtter
            • !rvb This is possibly the best series they have ever created. ever.

              Tuesday, 05-Jul-11 06:05:42 UTC from web
            • @greydragon412 I need to see the first 3 but I didn't know that season 9 was out in !rvb I love those guys!

              Tuesday, 05-Jul-11 05:38:01 UTC from web
            • And the worst part about becoming a freelancer is that I didn't even get any cool black armor !rvb

              Monday, 04-Jul-11 09:28:04 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
              • Anyone here a Red vs Blue fan? !rvb

                Friday, 24-Jun-11 20:56:04 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
              • @greydragon412 Yesss, I love !rvb

                Tuesday, 14-Jun-11 18:01:42 UTC from web