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  1. !sanantoniobronies there was a bit of a problem with the payment at the Dave and Busters meetup. Due to the way that Dave and Busters closes out tickets, we(the group) were left with 3 tickets that Dave and Busters had no record of being payed. These were: 1 water and 1 cheesesteak, totaling $12.36; 1 Dr. Pepper, 1 sprite, 1 cheeseburger, 1 parmigiana chicken alfredo and 2 $20 gamecards, totaling 75.68; 1 iced tea and 1 cheezeburger, totaling $16.51. If you paid these tickets and have a receipt, or inadvertently did not pay, we would like to know about it. In the case of the former, we'd like to show dave and busters the reciept so we can be refunded our money for paying twice, in the case of the latter, let us know and we will get it taken care of. Thank you.

    Sunday, 27-Nov-11 06:03:42 UTC from web
  2. !sanantoniobronies This message is being sent out to see if anyone still reads these so if you do send me a message saying as such.

    Saturday, 26-Nov-11 06:39:11 UTC from web
    • !sanantoniobronies Are you a fan of dungeons? Do dragons fill you with equal parts nostalgia and rage? Have you ever thought that your warrior would be cooler if only he was a pony? If you answered yes or no to any of theses questions then you might be interested in joining us for a game of 4th edition ponies& dungeons this Sunday. For further details and to RSVP head here

      Wednesday, 09-Nov-11 05:08:37 UTC from web
    • !sanantoniobronies San Antonio has a new meetup site! We can use this to have slightly more organised meetup events and maybe attract some new members: Check it out and make an account (Quick accounts with facebook)

      Wednesday, 09-Nov-11 04:45:09 UTC from web
      • !sanantoniobronies Hey everypony we now have our own site. Check it out and join!

        Wednesday, 09-Nov-11 04:36:15 UTC from web
        • !sanantoniobronies Anyone interested in a midnight release. Herald and Kumar comes out tonight. Interest thread here:

          Thursday, 03-Nov-11 16:41:28 UTC from web
          • !sanantoniobronies Hey there everypony I know y'all are still recovering from the awesome event that was the Grand Galloping Ghoul-a, but my little ponies We're already going headfirst into planning Novembers meet up. What's that you say you have some supper awesome idea on how we could have done it everything about 20% better. Well head on down to this thread and let us know.

            Tuesday, 01-Nov-11 03:48:25 UTC from web
            • !sanantoniobronies A last minute reminder that today at 6pm We'll be holding the Grand Galloping Ghoul-a. If your intreseted in attending hit up the google doc for more info and let us know your coming in the thread

              Saturday, 29-Oct-11 17:47:53 UTC from web

                Saturday, 29-Oct-11 17:44:12 UTC from web
                • !sanantoniobronies Anyone intrested in cosmic bowling? Check forum here!

                  Thursday, 27-Oct-11 23:58:00 UTC from web
                  • !sanantoniobronies Hey there everypony just a quick reminder that this weekend we'll be holding the Grand Galloping Ghoul-a this Saturday. So head on down to the forums let us know if your coming and sign up on the google doc. Have some links! Forum thread: Google Doc:

                    Tuesday, 25-Oct-11 00:42:48 UTC from web
                    • !sanantoniobronies Hey all you ponies out there if your interested in attending a viewing party this Saturday Hit up this thread and let Kio know.

                      Friday, 21-Oct-11 04:13:10 UTC from web
                      • !sanantoniobronies Hey everypony y'all need to head down to the forums and keep posting. Every time you post we gain valuable insight into when and where. How and why and most importantly What y'all want to do. So head down to the RDN forums and go post in are fancy sub board.

                        Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 12:53:14 UTC from web
                        • Hey !sanantoniobronies have you ever dreamed of trying your hands at a epicmealtime type thing. Well Mewmew is here to fulfill your oddly specific dreams. Tomorrow Mewmew will be hosting this event. Check this thread for further details

                          Thursday, 06-Oct-11 00:15:04 UTC from web
                          • Hey !sanantoniobronies I know we're the single most active group on the RDN forums , but I only ever see the same 15 or so people posting. And that simply won't do so I want everyone to get off their lazy bums and post in the forums. I mean we even have are own sub-board. So head down to post in the threads and if there's something you want but no thread for it make one. I mean how else are we going to be the single most active board period if I don't get the other half of y'all posting?

                            Friday, 30-Sep-11 03:53:09 UTC from web
                          • !sanantoniobronies Another last minute reminder that today We'll be holding the 2nd major meet up in San Antonio. We'll be meeting up at brackenridge park for a potluck picnic at 3pm. For even more info hit up this thread

                            Saturday, 01-Oct-11 09:28:13 UTC from web
                            • !sanantoniobronies Hey guys we now have a facebook for our group, so everypony can hang out and chat in a more casual environment. I will also post all of the events there as well so those who are not on the forums or RDN can see it. Also I need one other person who wants to help with the facebook page, like updating it and such. Facebook:

                              Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 00:57:33 UTC from web
                              • !sanantoniobronies This Saturday we'll be having a meet up at Brackenridge Park. here's the thread where it's being planned and organized go on in and give a hand And here's the google doc with currently confirmed information

                                Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 10:52:30 UTC from web
                              • !sanantoniobronies One last reminder tomrrow at 7pm we'll be having a viewing for last weeks and this weeks episode. Check out this thread for more details:

                                Friday, 23-Sep-11 18:17:16 UTC from web
                                • !sanantoniobronies This Saturday we'll be having an evening viewing party of this weeks and last weeks episode at Kiousu's house check this thread for details:

                                  Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 05:45:25 UTC from web
                                • !sanantoniobronies Anypony wanting to attend a viewing party for season 2 should head to the forums and help us get everything planned out. Here's a link

                                  Friday, 16-Sep-11 01:01:47 UTC from web
                                • @sugar !sanantoniobronies I have created you your own area now on the forums, seeing as the SA brony meetups are the largest on there it's only fair :P Sugar you have full control over the posts and content of this area as it's local mod, if there is somepony else who is helping you letme know and I will add them too.

                                  Monday, 05-Sep-11 15:17:39 UTC from web
                                  • !sanantoniobronies Not only have we broken 40 members but are first meet up was a huge success but, I still got home in time to fix the apparent critical fail my computer had while I was away. All in all it was a good night. Now time to plan the next meet up and finish that jeopardy game.

                                    Sunday, 04-Sep-11 07:56:25 UTC from web
                                    • Just finished our first brony meet and now I need to sleep for a month to recover. Thanks for a great time !sanantoniobronies

                                      Sunday, 04-Sep-11 02:17:15 UTC from web
                                    • !sanantoniobronies At the pony meet here in San Antonio.

                                      Sunday, 04-Sep-11 00:06:10 UTC from web
                                      • !sanantoniobronies Remember everypony our first meet up will be at park north mall this Saturday. We'll be meeting at the target at 5pm. So come on down and meet some fellow Bronies! For more information visit this thread

                                        Friday, 02-Sep-11 06:46:37 UTC from web
                                        • !sanantoniobronies I posted up a google doc. please check our forum post for it.

                                          Monday, 29-Aug-11 21:49:32 UTC from web
                                        • !sanantoniobronies Ok it looks like we have officially planed our first meet. We will meet at the Starbucks inside the Target at Park North. Park North is at 410 and Blanco where Central Park Mall used to be. We will look for ponies and maybe classic video games. We will then go to eat at Jim's (there are other restaurants nearby you can grab food at) at 7PM. We will have lots of fun things to do and chat about. So far we have 10 bronies and maybe more. If you can't make this one we will plan for more.

                                          Sunday, 21-Aug-11 03:18:48 UTC from web
                                        • !sanantoniobronies hey bronies we are getting close to our first meet and are just a date away from having our first official meet. Ok so Park North, what time? lunch or dinner? We could do it this weekend but that might be to quick so maybe September 3rd if that's good for the majority.

                                          Thursday, 18-Aug-11 21:10:36 UTC from web
                                          • !sanantoniobronies Is Park North where the old Central Park Mall used to be and now has the Alamo Drafthouse and LOL Comedy club? If so that place is super easy to find and not too far from this pony. I'm down for meeting up!

                                            Thursday, 18-Aug-11 17:09:07 UTC from web