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The Gherkin Army

The Gherkin Army



Gherkins(the small pickle of dead alien race)

The Gherkin Army (thegherkinarmy) group


  1. 3rd couple kissing on my FB timeline. COME ON PEOPLE 2 MORE AND I GET 5 BUCKS!

    Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 01:56:12 UTC from web
  2. Join the !thegherkinarmy and get a free subscriber

    Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 01:16:30 UTC from web
    • !thegherkinarmy isn't an army it's more of a militia

      Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 01:05:05 UTC from web
      • This is amazing. I can literally say "make this a fad, guys" and you'll all do it. It's like my own personal circus troupe.

        Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 00:57:50 UTC from web
      • !thegherkinarmy FELLOW GHERKINS JOIN ME AND BE gherk

        Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 00:49:47 UTC from web