1. This is amazing. I can literally say "make this a fad, guys" and you'll all do it. It's like my own personal circus troupe.

    Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 00:57:50 UTC from web
    1. @thefirstgherkin i got 2 fad already =D

      Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 00:58:24 UTC from web
    2. @thefirstgherkin I'd like to say I was second behind you. Also the first to change their name.

      Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 00:58:37 UTC from web
    3. @thefirstgherkin You're abusing your mod powers by ordering us to change our names. Hope you feel good about yourself. Because it's a pretty cool thing.

      Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 00:59:36 UTC from web
      1. @theizayagherkin Now set all your avatars to Sanic.

        Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 01:00:38 UTC from web
        1. @thefirstgherkin No.

          Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 01:00:53 UTC from web
        2. @thefirstgherkin You'd have to be @Cabal to give me that order.

          Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 01:01:10 UTC from web
          1. @theizayagherkin :(

            Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 01:01:42 UTC from web
            1. @thefirstgherkin Don't get me wrong Red. I like you. Just... not in /that/ way.

              Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 01:05:33 UTC from web
          2. @nerthos I like to order a side of hay fries and a small drink please.

            Sunday, 17-Feb-13 07:55:13 UTC from web
            1. @cabal Sorry, we're out of fries. We only have last week's bison steak left.

              Sunday, 17-Feb-13 07:57:28 UTC from web
        3. @thefirstgherkin

          Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 01:02:09 UTC from web
    4. @thefirstgherkin I havent

      Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 00:59:49 UTC from web
    5. @thefirstgherkin !thegherkinarmy now hireing gherkin bronies

      Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 00:59:52 UTC from web
      1. @sweetiegherkin Where do I sign up?

        Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 01:00:31 UTC from web
        1. @pokegherkin change your name to something with gherkin and join the group

          Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 01:01:18 UTC from web