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The song of the guardian

The song of the guardian

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The Whirl isles and the Seafoam islands

This is a group to those who like lugia and articuno

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  • Eugene P. artemisbass Eugene P. Brooklyn, NY, USA

    New MLP fan and avid fanfic reader/writer

  • Kyle James rainbowhurricane Kyle James Admin Knoxville,TN
  • Maria Peterson mariapeterson Maria Peterson California, USA

    I am Maria Peterson and I am in the junk shop business. I have never really understood those vending machines but ever since my husband was able to fix one of those old, used vending machines for our employees, I've been getting a good amount of extra money. Hopefully, I might be able to buy more of those and really get into the business of vending products.

  • Nala Rein Drake silverdragon Nala Rein Drake Admin Roma Italia

    I am a brony and a pokemon fan and a gamer I'm also a Troll lol but if you need anything just PM me my other account is Sapphiredragon or Diamonddragon