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Warframe Ponies

Warframe Ponies

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This is the group of the people of RDN who play Warframe.

If you don't know what Warframe is here is a rundown:
You are a race called the Tenno in these super power suites called Warframes, these are different and each gives you different powers.
You are also a space ninja, that's all you need to know

Warframe Ponies (warframe) group


  1. !warframe

    Thursday, 01-Dec-16 18:38:36 UTC from web
  2. Or maybe not as apparently region chat only shows if your client matches the region's language, and there's no way I'm downloading a translated client. papaya you, DE. !warframe

    Tuesday, 17-May-16 03:25:24 UTC from web
  3. Time to see if I can get some Loki and Wyrm parts before they're discontinued !warframe

    Tuesday, 17-May-16 03:08:30 UTC from web
    • !warframe Valkyr prime concept art

      Sunday, 27-Mar-16 08:05:43 UTC from web
      • I want Excalibur Umbra released internationally !warframe

        Wednesday, 23-Mar-16 01:45:32 UTC from web
        • !warframe

          Thursday, 29-Oct-15 01:32:36 UTC from web
          • !warframe

            Monday, 17-Aug-15 07:32:34 UTC from web
            • Managed to go over 1500 points on that event. Time to finally sleep, hugging my Quanta Vandal !Warframe

              Wednesday, 29-Apr-15 12:21:41 UTC from web
              • If anyone is up for trying !Warframe this is the right time. Up until april 1 you can get the anniversary Dex Furis auto pistols and Dex Dakra dual swords (best dual swords released so far in the game both aesthetically and stat-wise) just for logging in, which will help a LOT with leveling up and getting started. Here's a ref link four double exp and money in-game for a week, too There are at least three people here who play so there will always be someone around to play with.

                Friday, 27-Mar-15 16:39:32 UTC from web
                • Hate needing 10 potato !warframe

                  Wednesday, 25-Mar-15 07:02:40 UTC from web
                  • !warframe

                    Tuesday, 24-Mar-15 02:04:30 UTC from web
                    • Did Phoenix Intercept Escalation. It was basically a hour of my Trinity leeching energy, a Limbo making everyone invulnerable, a Banshee stunning enemies and an Ash claning up the place. Fun times. !Warframe

                      Tuesday, 03-Mar-15 17:00:28 UTC from web
                      • Vay Hek is rekt !warframe

                        Friday, 09-Jan-15 00:30:21 UTC from web
                        • Oooh, Balor Fomorians finally showing up !warframe

                          Saturday, 20-Dec-14 01:19:35 UTC from web
                          • Most OP combination back in the game !warframe

                            Tuesday, 09-Dec-14 05:03:37 UTC from web
                          • !warframe

                            Friday, 05-Dec-14 06:24:28 UTC from web
                            • New !Warframe get hype for gunslinger.

                              Friday, 28-Nov-14 20:37:44 UTC from web
                              • !Warframe Took on the Grustrag Three alone. They died. I also died.

                                Friday, 14-Nov-14 12:46:15 UTC from web
                                • !Warframe I love Mag because she looks all cute but her fourth ability is the most badass and unnecessarily painful of the whole cast, magnetizing the skeletons of enemies to then make a ball out of them.

                                  Saturday, 08-Nov-14 04:53:23 UTC from web
                                • !warframe

                                  Tuesday, 04-Nov-14 10:12:15 UTC from web
                                  • !warframe Get hype for archwing release today

                                    Friday, 24-Oct-14 21:06:53 UTC from web
                                    • !warframe

                                      Wednesday, 22-Oct-14 17:45:59 UTC from web
                                      • @meloetta @communistprime !warframe

                                        Sunday, 28-Sep-14 06:14:40 UTC from web
                                        • >Update and launch
                                          >Try to log in
                                          >"An update version is available, please restart the client and update"
                                          God damn it !warframe

                                          Thursday, 18-Sep-14 22:06:41 UTC from web
                                        • Alert: Pacific (Earth): Gift From The Lotus (PC): 5400cr, Vauban Systems (Blueprint) - 2hrs 2m 36s left
                                          Sane goes for other parts !warframe

                                          Wednesday, 10-Sep-14 15:58:07 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                                          • @meloetta Ash dun' goofed !warframe

                                            Tuesday, 09-Sep-14 01:52:15 UTC from web
                                          • Get hype for daily alerts !warframe

                                            Tuesday, 09-Sep-14 01:47:16 UTC from web
                                            • Yes! Got the emblem !warframe

                                              Monday, 25-Aug-14 06:56:37 UTC from web
                                            • !warframe # #

                                              Friday, 22-Aug-14 09:04:00 UTC from web
                                              • Today I saw a Hurass Kubrow fight a Zanuka, in some sort of space king of the jungle duel. !Warframe

                                                Thursday, 14-Aug-14 09:21:39 UTC from web