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Xbox-live bronies

Xbox-live bronies

!xboxlivebronies xbox360 xboxlive xboxliveponies

A group for all of the bronies who are on Xbox-live to find each other with

Xbox-live bronies (xboxlivebronies) group


  1. !xboxlivebronies my GT is ( DASHYDADICTATOR ) and im lookig for some pony to play DEFIANCE with me

    Saturday, 22-Jun-13 05:38:22 UTC from web
  2. !xboxlivebronies would like more friends to play CoD or minecraft! "The bad muffin2."

    Monday, 20-May-13 02:08:35 UTC from web
  3. !xboxlivebronies Hey bronies of Xbox! I have friended most of you guys, Im really lonely and I have no friends that are bronies. GT = M4G1C x B0ULD3R

    Thursday, 09-May-13 16:14:55 UTC from web
  4. !xboxlivebronies anyone still alive?

    Friday, 16-Nov-12 15:48:12 UTC from web
  5. !xboxlivebronies Hello everypony. I may have forgotten to join the group lol. but add me on XboxLive and we will soon be playing!. GT- Scar x Wolf

    Wednesday, 03-Oct-12 00:25:19 UTC from web
  6. !xboxlivebronies hey look me up my gamertag is TheKhaosPhoenix. I'm thinking about changing my gamertag but i won't reveal it yet so nopony tries to do it before i do

    Wednesday, 23-May-12 00:21:10 UTC from web
    • Anybody online play Xbox Live? !xbox !xboxlive?

      Saturday, 14-Apr-12 16:10:52 UTC from web
    • !xbox !xboxlive Anybody who wants to can add me; search for "Triscy".

      Saturday, 14-Apr-12 15:56:26 UTC from web
      • !xboxlive we're pretty much the same site but someone wanted me to link this anyway

        Tuesday, 15-Nov-11 21:50:34 UTC from web
        • Anypony on !xboxlive? My GT is darkspine sonic

          Sunday, 25-Sep-11 01:03:01 UTC from web
        • !xboxlivebronies Anypony here have Worms Armageddon for Xbox 360? I've been wanting to play that with someone for a while but no ones ever on.

          Friday, 12-Aug-11 02:45:57 UTC from web
          • !Xboxlivebronies I stumble upon this group moments after wishing i knew more bronies with X-box Live. What a convenient twist of fate. Now if only I could find someone else who still played Worms Armageddon or Bomberman Battlefest ..... Yeah that's not happening anytime soon. My Gamertag = SilverSpark6

            Wednesday, 10-Aug-11 21:02:04 UTC from web
            • !Xboxlivebronies Gamertag = Solid Smithers

              Tuesday, 19-Jul-11 23:00:26 UTC from web