Scooter McGee (khaosnmt)

  1. @tearahk I saw your comment on the EqD group thread, and I wanted to tell you that the ABQ group does let people who aren't from ABQ into the group. Also, my GF and I started and run a group at the college in Socorro and we do enjoy having visitors. Just let us know if you ever want to drop in!

    Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 03:59:17 UTC from web in context
  2. !abqbronies Hey all! So the New Mexico Tech Bronies and Pegasisters are having a Pony Premier Party to watch the first episodes of the new season (Hat tip to Khaosnmt and his GF for actually organizing it!). Anyways it's from 12-3 pm at the skeen library (the library on the New Mexico Tech campus) in Socorro NM. I know for some of you it might be a bit of a drive, but it should be fun! All we ask is that you bring something to share with everypony. If you are interested, please RSVP to the Facebook Event (so we know how much food to bring) here: Hope some of you can make it!

    Thursday, 25-Oct-12 06:07:44 UTC from web Repeat of atrusoranis
  3. @miscelinious Nice! It's great to finally find some actual bronies around here! What is your major? Mine is IT

    Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 21:48:58 UTC from web in context
  4. !abqbronies happy anniversary friendship is magic!

    Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 08:37:45 UTC from web Repeat of thunderclash
  5. @erfunden That would be awesome! We could potentially bounce some ideas off each other. I may even already know him!

    Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 04:54:34 UTC from web in context
  6. @erfunden Awesome! Sorry if it seems like I'm asking too many questions, I just got excited over someone I can bounce ideas off of besides my girlfriend... You have been a great help! Hopefully we can make it up there Friday.

    Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 04:47:02 UTC from web in context
  7. @erfunden I will keep that in mind. "Keep the physical activity to an absolute minimum." Got it! :) Arnyia and I were thinking of having a "Pony Rave" or something of the like. Do you think that would go over well?

    Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 04:42:08 UTC from web in context
  8. @erfunden Awesome! Arnyia (my gf) and I have been trying to get an on-campus group organized, but working around our schedules has been killer... Do you have any recommendations as to an event we could use to "lure them all out," so to say?

    Tuesday, 09-Oct-12 22:47:01 UTC from web in context
  9. !abqbronies Khaos from Socorro here. My girlfriend and I attend NMT up here and we have been looking for fellow bronies close to us. I'm glad we found you all and look forward to meeting you all soon!

    Tuesday, 09-Oct-12 19:32:01 UTC from web in context