1. !abqbronies Khaos from Socorro here. My girlfriend and I attend NMT up here and we have been looking for fellow bronies close to us. I'm glad we found you all and look forward to meeting you all soon!

    Tuesday, 09-Oct-12 19:32:01 UTC from web
    1. @khaosnmt Newponies, god I love newponies! Dear Princess Administratia, I'M SO ALONE.

      Tuesday, 09-Oct-12 19:32:07 UTC from msconfig.exe
    2. @khaosnmt Hey K! We have regular meetups every friday (This friday is poker night) at 7:00 at Active Imagination in Albuquerque. We'd love for you guys to join us. If you're looking for something closer to home, I know there are alot of bronies at tech but I don't think they've organized yet. It would just take one person to put together an event to bring them all out!

      Tuesday, 09-Oct-12 22:42:52 UTC from web
      1. @erfunden Awesome! Arnyia (my gf) and I have been trying to get an on-campus group organized, but working around our schedules has been killer... Do you have any recommendations as to an event we could use to "lure them all out," so to say?

        Tuesday, 09-Oct-12 22:47:01 UTC from web
        1. @khaosnmt My experience is that almost any event will draw them out. Whatever you're into. When I first joined this group I posted that I wanted to start a pony rpg. So many people have been interested that I've had to turn players away. Another brony likes poker and that draws more people in every other week. I wanted a run so we organized a "Running of the Leaves" (that one may not have been the best activity. The physical nature may have scared away some bronies).

          Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 04:39:27 UTC from web
          1. @erfunden I will keep that in mind. "Keep the physical activity to an absolute minimum." Got it! :) Arnyia and I were thinking of having a "Pony Rave" or something of the like. Do you think that would go over well?

            Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 04:42:08 UTC from web
        2. @khaosnmt I bet a rave would work well! I think more important than the activity itself is probably frequency. If you have some sort of schedule it creates a presence and keeps it at the front of peoples minds. Put up some fliers around campus and I bet you'll get more bronies every week!

          Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 04:44:56 UTC from web
          1. @erfunden Awesome! Sorry if it seems like I'm asking too many questions, I just got excited over someone I can bounce ideas off of besides my girlfriend... You have been a great help! Hopefully we can make it up there Friday.

            Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 04:47:02 UTC from web
            1. @khaosnmt Ask all you want. I'm excited about the possibility of Socorro getting some meet-ups! If you need someone to talk with directly there was a techie who came up for the run and was very friendly and helpful. I could try and get you two in contact.

              Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 04:50:18 UTC from web
              1. @erfunden That would be awesome! We could potentially bounce some ideas off each other. I may even already know him!

                Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 04:54:34 UTC from web
                1. @khaosnmt Cool. I'll send him an email tomorrow. Now it's bed time. Night!

                  Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 05:00:36 UTC from web
                2. @khaosnmt That guy I was telling you about is definitely interested in helping you put your rave together. His name's Jeric, btw. Send me an email at and I'll either send your address on to him or give you his, your choice.

                  Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 17:57:25 UTC from web