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  1. Roseanne Barr confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3

    Wednesday, 20-Jun-18 00:57:57 UTC from web
  2. We understand the lights. We understand the lights above the Arby’s. We understand so much. But the sky behind those lights, mostly void, partially stars, that sky reminds us: We don’t understand even more.

    Wednesday, 04-Apr-18 17:42:35 UTC from web
  3. I got a very cheap WiFi router from ebay. Just for 6 bucks (incl. shipping). With DD-WRT installed it'll run like a champ.

    Friday, 06-Apr-18 14:17:09 UTC from web
  4. Well I want this Peridot figurine but it’s a mystery box thing and there’s a very reasonable risk that I’ll get Onion instead. I don’t want Onion. Nobody wants Onion.

    Thursday, 05-Apr-18 15:21:55 UTC from web